You'll definitely be going to hell for laughing at this video!

Pointless, and maybe a bit cruel, but amusing.

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I liked it! :smiley:

That made my day… :slight_smile:

I’m safe then, I guess. This didn’t even make me grin. Different squids for different kids.

I couldn’t make out the words on God Boy’s sign.

“Heaven or Hell U Choose”

Whazzit about?, I’m at work, blocked.

Guy is standing there with “Heaven or Hell U Choose” sign, and another guy walks up with a sign that says “I am SATAN” with some inverted crosses and a pentagram. He nods hello to the first guy. When the first guy turns away, he flips the sign over, and it says “I’m with stupid” with an arrow toward him. The guy turns back and sees it. You can hear the videographer laughing in the background.

Kinda funny. I chuckled.

That was almost as funny as the time a fellow student pulled the “Party Boy” act (from Jackass) in front of the Brickyard preacher.

Satan appears to have lost his touch…

Bah. I was hoping that’d be a link to this video.

That, as we used to say in second grade, was awesome to the max.