Young dopers?

Could it be that I am alone?

Well how old are you? “Young” could be 65 to a 90 year old. I’m 20, that’s “young” to most people. You have to be 13 to post here I think (something about signing anything on the internet under the age of 13, am I right? Maybe I’m crazy…)

21 here

12, I hate restrictions on age limits for the internet, yeah, like anyone is actually going to listen to that. I don’t know how to carry on a conversation at this point, so …

I’m 18

I’m 15. If you’re 12, I think that’s the youngest I’ve seen, or at least the youngest anyone will admit to - welcome. :slight_smile:

Seems to me that there are a large number of college age people on SDMB. (I’m 25.) But no one really cares how old you are, as long as you’re not a jerk. You’re not a jerk, are you?

I don’t think anyone cares. But most of the people posting here are adults, more or less. They know how to sound grown-up. Any teenager who can mingle without showing their age deserves a pat on the back. So go for it - good training in how not to be a jerk.

No, I’m only 16. Hemlock is right, as long as you are mature and are not a jerk, it really does not matter.

I, too, am 16. But really, it makes no difference (as far as I can tell) in anything here.


Although I don’t really feel 15, I am.

Althought I don’t really feel 19, I am.

I actually feel more twelvish.

Lenore? Are you a cute little dead girl?

Umm, isn’t 13 the youngest you can be to join? I was 13 when I joined up, and am actually about to turn 15 :slight_smile:

** Rye ** : There are a number of posters on this board that are around your age. I have seen this subject come up from time-to-time, and there’s several younger posters that have made some great contributions.

As a general rule, I think that posting on this board under the age of 13 should probably be handled like driving a car before being old enough to get a licence. If you decide to, indulge with caution, and for GOD’S SAKE, don’t advertise it! Just a tip from an old dude…:slight_smile:

21 here. So if 13 is supposedly the minimal age for joining, why don’t we have a maximum age? Like a Straight Dope retirement age? :wink:

I likewise have 16 years of life experience. I just chose to use them on the internet with other smart people and not having sex, doing drugs, or rock-and-rolling.


Oh well. But yeah, Rye if you advertise your [sub]under[/sub] age, you could actually have your account cancelled. Which is a real bummer because it’s not like you could just create another account or anything. Whew.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t turn my jerk-dom on and off. I can piss people off with the best of 'em, or just slowly whiddle away at their self confidence. Just knowing when to do so and when not to is the key.

Actually it is against the board rules to create a new account if they cancel your old one, but I suppose if the mods do come across this and see where someone mentions they are younger than the minimum age here, and their account is canceled and you wait until you are of the minimum age they won’t have an issue with you rejoining. Or could it be that someone meant to say 13 but made a type-o since 2 and 3 are next to each other

16 here to we should srart the young doper forum!

Twenty year old checking in.