Youngest doper

There’s some stuff on this website discussed that I think shouldn’t be seen by anyone 13 or under. That got me thinking, who’s the youngest poster we have? If anyone thinks they might be it speak up. Though I’m one of the older ones, I know my 17-year-old started a thread about Watergate, so 17 is the age to beat.

I know there are some 15 and 16 year olds around-dunno who they are though.

I’m 16 and I know that I can’t be the youngest.


Yay! I can take the lead, I am 15 soon to be 16. Come on can anyone beat me?

I turn 15 in 2 weeks. For this “youngest” competition, I’ll go ahead and admit - I’m only 14. Heh.

well, i guess that at this point i am in the lead.

(about 8 months to my birthday)

i feel, that in some vague way, my standing as a doper has dropped greatly with that tidbit of information…

Hah, I’ve kicked all of your asses. I don’t turn 15 until November 4th. :smiley: I admit it as well, I’m 14. I don know someone on the board younger than me though.

oh dear. sorry about the simupost.

looks like you’re winning…

Well like you said before, I also somewhat feel that my standing as a dope has dropped. Not that it was really high to begin with :wink:

Although, I never would have imagined that you were only 15 saephiroth, you seem much smarter and mature than that. :slight_smile:

Forgive the spelling mistakes. I meant “doper”.
[sub]I really should start previewing more often[/sub]

I’m pretty sure Wood Thrush joined as a 14-year-old, though he’s 15 now.

I’m thinking of letting my son register just so he could beat allayalls.

He’s a regular reader and has been begging to join for about six months now. His 14th birthday was this June.

Naah. He’s too young.

heh, you think I’M smart and mature… just wait until i get my friend to register to the Dope… hoo boy.

forgot the smilie!


I’m 7

I’m the only 7 year old medical professional I know.

:wipes sweat from brow:

ALRIGHT!!! I’m not 7. I’m lying. It’s just that my therapist says that I have this desperate need for recognition and… nevermind.

14??? :eek: I was in love with your posts, I love that name, I was thinking…

I feel so dirty…

::hangs head in shame::

I’m 14, and don’t turn 15 until April 26.

I’m winning! Woohoo!

My niece, bluesbabe88 - also known as Bungirl to those of you in chat - has registered. She is 13, will be 14 in September.
I doubt highly that you will see her posting, though, so Spatula retains the lead…

I am two minutes old, and have been posting since April 2000.