Your all thinking inside the box......

Anyone else ever think that it’s not alcida but something else?

Yeah, probably no place in New Brunswick at all.

what are you talking about?

Yes, and you should spell cities with capital letters. Alcida, (New Brunswick).

I suspect the OP is referring to al-Qaeda and their claim for the attacks in London this morning. But who knows, maybe he thinks those New Brunswickians are up to something.

My all is not thinking inside the box.
I gave a project my all a few years ago and haven’t seen it since.

How do you know what I’m thinking? As it happens, I’m not thinking at all. I haven’t had an original thought since the Carter administration; so there.

I am, however, coloring within the lines.

In case you missed the hints dropped by my smart-assed friends, it’s “you’re all”, not “your all”, and “al-Qaeda”, not “alcida”. Your argument will go over a lot better here if you take the time to couch it correctly.

I think most men can be broadly painted as ‘thinking inside the box…’…or at least thinking ABOUT ‘the box’. So, in that reguard sure…my all is certainly thinking inside the box.

What was the debate again?


I better go join my all and thinking inside the box. hops in

Something else? Do you mean…


In New Brunswick? Get out…

And you’re thinking inside the bag, or at least halfway so.

As of two minutes ago, this thread had 12 views and 11 replies, and I was the one guy who looked but didn’t post. Trying to squeeze in those jokes before a mod closes the thread, huh?

As long as I’m here: you’re right, man, apostrophes are totally inside the box.

Something else? Yeah, it was a bomb.

Sorry…too busy worrying about paradigm shifts.

Exxs, did someone move your cheese again?

*::: sigh ::: *

I’m already getting complaints that there are “too many” threads on the topic of the London bombings. While I do not agree with that, figuring that it is big enough news to engender multiple discuusions following different paths, I would agree that this particular thread is not going to develop into a serious discussion.
exxs, I would suggest that you look over some of the other threads on this topic and, after getting a handle on how to spell the names of the players, consider posting there–provided some other poster has not already addressed your issues.

Closing this.

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To be fair, al Queda is a transliteration, so any spelling using the English alphabet is pretty much arbitrary.