Your (Australian) government money at work for you

Topless pub gets government cash to lift area’s image

Words fail. A topless pub, given money which helps it to put in a lot of poker machines, and it’s in competition with other plubs in the area. It certainly lifts the area’s image, and simultaneously lifts the Australian government’s reputation for handing out the pork.

Maybe the money is to buy nice shirts for everyone?

C’mon now…

I found that astounding. When I was in North Queensland, no one needed any excuse EVER to have a drink. :smiley:

You see, the regions that the punters are interested in were being less sustained as time went on, so in order to sustain interest the regions are being somewhat enhanced.

Boob jobs for all :smiley:

Well it seems like a standard attempt to help a region:

‘The pub, known locally as “The Stump”, received the grant in November 2003 to help it build a conference centre.’

with appropriate safeguards on use:

‘When local hoteliers complained to Mr Anderson that the Stump had been given an unfair advantage, they were assured that the grant could not be used to buy, install or build space to house poker machines.’

But perhaps the pub has breached the undertaking?:

‘Within months, the hotel - famed for Wednesday night performances by the “Stump Bikini Babes” - had applied for 21 poker machine licences, to be housed in the old breakfast room and general meals room.’

Not as bad as it first seems?