Your biggest mistakes ever ...

What are the biggest mistakes you have ever made in your life?


  1. In high school, being such a non-social, lazy, procrastinating slacker.

  2. Joining the Navy for all the wrong reasons. Oops.

  3. Going to Devry for 2 years, UACT for 1, UoP for 1, and having no degree to show for it, and lots of school loans to pay back.

  4. Joining the LDS (Mormon) church. Oops.

  5. Getting married.

  6. Having a kid.
    Hmmm, I guess that’s not all that bad. I’ve never killed anyone. :slight_smile:

  1. My ill-fated, 10-week, 1989 move to Tampa (for a good reason) for which I was horribly unprepared.

  2. Not trying harder in high school.

  3. Not trying harder to get into college.

Hmmm. I had a world class bad marriage, and these days I say “the only good thing that came out of it, was I have this terrific kid”.

I dunno. I used to spend a lot of time re-evaluating lots of different decisions. But I’m happy with who I am today, while I may not be the most successful in terms of monetary wealth, I have a very interesting career (one for which I’m relatively well known and respected in the semi large community in which I live), the aforementioned kid, excellent relationship with SO of 15 years, strong friendships, etc. Any ‘mistakes’ I may have made in the past got me here.

AND I find it more fun to reflect on the ones I DIDN’T make (for example, the guy I didn’t marry is a minister w/5 kids - would not have been a good match for me).

The only thing I truly regret is not making that left toin at Albequeque.

In all honesty, the only mistake I ever made which I regret was quitting my comfy aerospace job for a stint doing Java programming at an automobile insurance company. Not that the quitting was a bad thing (I definitely needed more modern skills and a better salary), but the insurance company didn’t have a single clue about the complexities and demands of software design, and treated the programmers like glorified accountants. Needless to say, it was a very unpleasant work environment.

Fortunately, with the new skills and experience I picked up, I was able to bail out a year later to a much better job and an even better salary. :smiley: Now if this whole dot-com fallout thing stops freefalling, I’ll be just fine…

Ooh yes, and an expensive mistake it wwas, too. I decided to apply to law school. Was accepted got through 1st year (yay). Got through 2L; even amjured a class, over 72 others. Did an internship and hated every second. Realised I had made a very big, expensive ($38,000) mistake.

Quit. I am proud to say, now, that I am a law school drop-out.

That & my two marriages that didn’t work out. What’s that saying…Everybody makes mistakes & some people marry their mistakes. :smiley:

wring which direction were you going when you decided against that left turn on I-40 in Albequerque?

Sigh. Not taking full advantage of my CCIE Boot Camp course. I aced the course, but my desk partner was the second-in-command of the network department at Ameritech and my lab partner was a Bright Young Star at Shaw Communications.

Silly me. Some sort of outdated notion of company loyalty brought me home after ignoring some gentle hints about working elsewhere…

south :smiley:

wring you wanted to be on THAT coast? Shame on your bad self.

I blew off my last 2 years of high school. When I was at Lincoln, I had a 3.67 GPA. When I moved to Mass, I think I shot down to like a 2 something. No scholarships for me…Hell, I’ll be lucky if I can even get into a school. Community college, here I come…

My biggest mistake? Not going into the Navy. Yeah, I may have hated it, but I could have gotten to see parts of the world I might never get to now, and if I had stayed in for the 20, I would have been out by now with a pension.

My other mistake was getting a degree in journalism. Waste of paper. At least I worked internships and on the student newspaper. Experiences that were far more meaningful and educational than most of what I picked up in class.

Let’s see, what else … not taking fiction writing courses … not trying to network more, at least staying in contact with people … getting married the first time (big mistake!).

Getting involved in the stock market two years ago, just as the bubble was bursting, and then not staying with my first hunches. That cost me over $6,000.

How that? At least I’m consistent in my failures.

Biggest mistake? Same one a lot of people make: marrying the wrong person, for all the wrong reasons. Shoulda been friends, but never lovers. She announced in the second year of our marriage that she didn’t ever want to have children because the world is such a rotten disgusting place (yes that was the reason she gave). That’s a decision she’s entitled to make, but she’s not entitled to make the commitment to parenthood in discussions before marriage then break the terms of the contract afterwards, forcing the consequences of her decision onto me as well. Some changes in people you can deal with and learn from, but that was too basic a difference. I couldn’t imagine never being anyone’s dad and not ending up bitter and twisted about it. I guess we were both too young and stupid to know what we were doing.

On the other hand, I’m a much better husband and father now than I would have been without that experience, so I suppose I ought to be grateful to her. But I’m not, really. Most days I think her judgement ought to be investigated.