“Your child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats"

Woman plans to hand out notes chastising parents of “overweight” children instead of Halloween candy:


So I, as a naturally thin child, would get candy but my slightly larger friend would get a humiliating note.

Wow. :frowning:

I think it’s sweet how she is encouraging parents and children to work together on a holiday, to egg her house.
Sun news, huh. Is this similar to the weekly world news?

No, it really is the legit news - the Toronto Sun, etc. You’d wonder though after reading a story like that.

Eh, the Grinch even had a Halloween special. You can see it on Youtube: Halloween is Grinch Night.

Man, I don’t even like kids and I hand out proper candy! It ain’t that hard!

There are some tiresome aspects of Halloween - mainly, the assumption that every household wants to/must participate, and must in essence throw up a barbed wire fence if they don’t want to. (Dark house, exterior lights off, etc.) Almost as tiresome are those who think they can bend it to their interests, be it the churchies who have to make a huge issue about keeping kids from practicing Satanism or goo-dooders like this one who think they can shame kids into behaving the way the dooder thinks they should.

When I was a kid in the '50s, everyone participated, plus we went out on the 30th and again on the 31st. There was only one older woman who gave candy only on the 31st and chased kids away on the 30th. Of course she was rumored to be a witch. We lived in a young suburb where virtually every house had kids (peak Baby Boom years), so we made out like bandits. Between the two nights each kid got 4 shopping bags full of candy. Didn’t have to buy much the rest of the year.

I don’t recall ever getting anything “healthy.” But some people dropped some change into the bag.

I wonder if the sale ol eggs in her neighborhood is up?

I’m a Halloween grinch in that I close the curtains and turn out the lights. The one time I got candy, we had maybe 2 dozen kids show up - it just wasn’t worth the aggravation. And now we have a noisy dog and a cat who’s an escape artist - nope, not worth the aggravation. It’ll be lights out at our house.

Young fatties stay home if you are from Fargo ND!

The Halloween themed letter is a nice touch. Does she give candy and the letter or just the letter?

Why gamble on this? Someone just got suspended and threatened with banning for criticizing obesity. Are you trying to goad someone into getting the same attention from mods?

It’s good that she is able to figure out immediately why the child is moderately obese.

How is a US based story appearing first in an Australian news site? And how did they get the letter?

The New York Post is an Australian news site?

Also, if you Google it, the New York Post wasn’t any where near the first.

Read the byline.

“By news.com.au”

The New York Post story said it originated from News.com.au, note the byline in the Post story.

Oh, didn’t see that. OK.

OK, I want you to tell me what these trick or treaters looked like.
Well, the big kid, he was kinda funny-looking.
In what way?
I dunno, just funny-lookin’.
Can you be any more specific?
I couldn’t really say. He wasn’t thin.
Was he funny lookin’ apart from that?
So - you were giving mean notes to the big kid, then?
Is there anything else you can tell me about him?
No. Like I say, he was funny lookin’. More n’ most kids even.

So this woman hands out letters, rather than small toys or other non-sweet treats? Maybe Jack Chick tracts would be up her alley?

If she doesn’t want to hand out candy, she can hand out little toys. Or just not participate at all. I can’t imagine that getting a letter like that would do any good to an obese kid.

To paraphrase The Dude… She’s not wrong, she’s just an asshole.