Your fastest file transfer?

I sure do love getting mp3’s faster than I can listen to them. That’s the great thing about cable modems. My single fastest file transfer was about 90 kb/s. I’m sure some of you can top that. Who’s got a T1 ?

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No T1, I’m afraid, but I do have SDSL (192Kb each way - I’m too far away from the CO to get ADSL). I’ve run tests that indicate I’m getting pretty much all of the advertised bandwidth. Those with ADSL or Cable will have much faster (inbound, anyway) connections than I.

This does remind me of the old adage, though - “never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of magnetic tapes”.

I get 200+ K/s across my home network :slight_smile:

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We have a T1 at our house, but we’re always limited by other people’s bandwidth limitations.

I have, however, gotten close to 250k/sec before.


The school has a T3, so my fastest connection to an outside source was about 300 - 400k. Fastest file transfer of course is local, where it quite often exceeds 900kbs.

The fastest I’ve ever gotten with my 28.8 modem was 4K/sec.

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With my cable modem, I’ve pulled around 400 kps.


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With one individual remote server, I have gotten up to about 180 kb/s, but when I download from multiple servers att he same time, I have taken rough estimate sof about 7 or 8 hundred…

I have the Wave cable access.

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I often get 300-400k on my cable modem. Life is sweet.

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Damn, some of you people want to make me picket US Worst because the best connection rate I can get is 26.4 (connected oddly enough at 28.8 right now) but I have never seen a transfer rate better than about 2.80k on this sorry piece of crap phone line!

All I want is DSL and they can’t provide that, been promising it for a year and a half now…< whoa is me >

I really need to proof read my posts…damn, it should translate to:

your connection rates make me want to picket US Worst

I transfered 600 megs in only 5 seconds. Took the cdrom from one computer & put it in the other. Does that count?

If I hit a good server with a big pipe, and if the gods are not smiting me that day, I can and have pulled over 150KB (that’s KiloBytes, not Kilobits…) per second. Yes, I download mp3 files in better than realtime. Amazingly, I get better performance at home on my ADSL that I do at work on the T3. Well, mostly.

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TC, that’s actually about right for a 28.8 connection. Remeber that KBps is different than Kbps. Eight bits to the Byte, plus error-correction, and so on, makes a factor of tena good rule of thumb. Hence 28.8 Kbps ~=2.8 KBps.

A committee is a lifeform with six or more legs and no brain.

Here’s an interesting link to test your bandwidth…

I seem to be pulling something like 130 KBps right now.

A committee is a lifeform with six or more legs and no brain.

DAMN! I’m getting ripped off over here!! Are you guys unidirectional or bidirectional?

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From Jo3shs link.

Your line speed:
832.7 Kbps
102 K bytes/sec

Not too bad, but rumor has it that the cable modem company is going to have a class action suit filed for negligence because of its line speeds being so far below advertised and the market average.

I’m getting

[ul][li]1457.1 Kbps[/li][li]178.6 K bytes/sec[/ul][/li]
I’ll have to try from my home computer later. Damn, that will be depressing.

I got 42.7k Wow.