Your Favorite bars

I’d like your info on your favorite watering holes…I really like to visist working-class bars in the cities I visit. Here’s a few of mine:
-Port Charlotte, FL: the “Navigator”-good drafts, and excellent cheeseburgers, nice people.
-Burlington, VT: the “Dailey Planet”-excellent local VT brews-and excellent food.
-Amherst, MA: BARSELLOTI’s Bar: used to be good-now invaded by Yuppie/GEN-Xers!
-SanJose, CA:“ORIGINAL JOE’S”-ggod food, and a trip back in time to the late 1950’s
-San Francisco, CA: LEFTY O’DOULS: a classic SF bar-smokey, noisey, and good food.
-Pasadena, CA: SMILIN JOES (Colorado Blvd.): Hope thgis one still exists-nice vintage feel to the place!
-Miami (S Beach) FL: The Bancroft Bar : recreation of the 50’s place, but drinks are way too expensive!
Please let me know if you’ve patronized these places!

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On the topic, I’m a fan of The Local and Kieran’s Irish Pub in downtown Minneapolis.

Yeah, Czarcasm and Veb are known for mixing some mean drinks – let’s go there!

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Knoxville, TN- OCI (Old College Inn): Great atmosphere, great food, cheap beer. This is at least how I remember it 5 years later.

Clemson, SC- Tiger Town: Typical College bar. Nothing too special, just liked it. – Edgar’s runs a close second. A bar inside the student union, cheapest prices I’ve ever seen, and free popcorn. It’s just good clean state supported drinking fun.

Birmingham, AL- Dugan’s: Good food, pretty good crowd, lot of fun (even more fun after a few beers).

Atlanta, GA- Fido Fado’s (sp?): Great Irish pub. Can get a little crowded, but what do you expect from Buckhead?

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Your favourite bars and why

Work: Peacock Lounge in Cupertino, CA. Working class, good tap selection, and ok pool tables.

Home: Rosie McCanns in Santa Cruz, CA. Decent Irish pub atmosphere, good food.