Awwright, listen up. This is my thread and that’s the way I like it.

I got my wet bar set up and loaded with quality but not ostentatious drinks. I got Budweiser and St. Pauli Girl on tap. I got my foosball table, and my pool table, lots of stools and whatnot.

On the jukebox I got 70s and 80s stuff: Moody Blues, Zep, Boz Scaggs, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and all the rest of that good stuff.

Hanging over the bar we got a picture of G. Dubya, Bush Sr., Ronny the Man, and Tricky Dick Nixon.

This is my bar, my thread, my post, so you just watch yourself.

I will not brook any intolerance.

None whatsoever.

Get that smirk off your face. If you’re feeling froggy, than jump.
See what happens.

Try me.
::Throttles pool cue and stares menacingly::
Oh, and check all guns and knives at the door, please.

What, you don’t allow concealed carry here? What are you, some kind of commie pinko liberal?

I prefer to fight as God intended, with pool cues, broken bottles, and barstools.

Now what did you call me, Boy?

Keep your stool away from me, you freak.

You got Midori back there?

~tries to peek behind the bar~


So you got watered-down piss and trendy girly beer.

Where the hell’s the Pabst? :smiley:

What? You don’t like my stool?

Do you like it now?

Ahhh, So you’re a funny man aren’t you Mr. Big Floppy Clown Feet ?

Let’s see how funny you look after Jaade is done with you. Said you were ugly and dress funny. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Gimme two drafts, and if I want any lip from you, I’ll drop my pants.:mad:

Who’s up for foosball? Any takers?

And no spinning, dammit…

Get 'em yourself, and don’t forget to tip Hilda, she needs a new glass eye.

You heard me. And didn’t I see you at that no nukes, socialized medicine, solar power, and gun control rally the other day?

If I squint, you almost look like Ralph Nader.

**Jaade won’t be ablr to do anything after I slip her a mickey.

And as for you, be careful or I’ll shave your back to match your head.


Is that Bill Clinton over there with your Mama?

I’ll second that. Damn Commie pinko liberal bastards. Hell, even John Wayne carried a gun into the saloons.


Yeticus, I’ll play you. But not if you spill beer on the table like last time.[sub]Kinda hard to play when the fuckin’ ball sticks to your players.[/sub]

Nice to see a place where I can brandish my crossbow freely :wink:
You wouldn’t happen to have sweet tea, would you? Or anything non-alcoholic?

I can’t take you seriously with those feet. Was your Daddy Ronald McDonald?

No, but I was your daddy.

Well, the music isn’t bad, but I can’t say I much like the decorations. throws dart All riiiiiight, I got Bushie in the eye!

That’s it.

Say what you want about my momma.

But if you ever … EVER … call me INO again …

There will be a brawl to put John Wayne’s brawl in The Quiet Man to shame.

So. Whaddya say we pop that on the TV above the bar, grab a few beers ourselves, and forget this whole “Ino” business?