Your favorite cut of steak?

To be eaten as a steak, not pre-sliced or served as a roast (to be sliced then served). You know what a steak is.

For definitions of the different cuts see here.

My default is usually a Strip.

NY strip. I lurves it.

Favorite is w/o question a ribeye. From time to time I’ll get a T-bone or NY Strip or Porterhouse if they’re on sale or I’m worried about fat content but in my mind ribeyes are more tender, tasty and juicy.

NY Strip. Easy and delicious.

Ribeye. Especially bone-in.

But I don’t order it very often because it’s usually pretty fatty. I go for the fillet instead, which is #2 for me.

Filet mignon. Nice and tender, good when rare/medium rare, and relatively low in fat for a steak.

Ribeye hands down. Filet and NY Strip come in tied at #2, but it’s not really all that close.

Bone-in cowboy ribeye! Heaven on a sizzling plate. Of course this is a once to twice a year indulgence.

How am I supposed to choose? I jokingly say I’d be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for steak, but it’s not really a joke.

“All of the above”.

NY Strip for me… but how come four people replied with NY Strip but it only has two picks on the poll?

Filet Mignon is my second favorite because it’s so tender, but it often needs to be gussied up a bit because of the low marbling.

For steaks at home where price is more of a concern I’m really digging Flat Iron. They have superb marbling and decent tenderness.

When I first posted, the poll wasn’t up yet. :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong…but isn’t a Delmonico just a very specific cut and preparation method of ribeye? And prime rib is exactly the same cut as ribeye (though obviously the cooking method is is different.)

And a porterhouse is the same cut as a t-bone, just taken from the loin end so as to have more of the tenderloin/filet mignon.

That being said, ribeye is my favorite. I like the marbling, and yeah, it’s not as tender as a filet mignon or NY strip (well, technically…in my experience it’s pretty much exactly as tender as a strip,) it’s got both of them beat in the flavor department.

Ribeye. The fat is the best part!

I hate dealing with fat. Filet Mignon is my first choice.

Hanging tender, AKA Hanger or Bistro steak. Texture of tenderloin at half the price and twice the flavor.

Runner-up is flank steak, but it didn’t make the list.

In a restaurant, I get filet or ribeye, depending on the preparation.

Mmmmmm Delmonico. Or regular Rib eye if there isn’t a good Delmonico on the menu.

Ribeye is my usual favorite, because it’s very flavorful throughout, though at restaurants where they serve a porterhouse I will often get that instead and enjoy the multiple regions as though they were different sides to the meal.

I wouldn’t group it as a steak, but definitely prime rib. Even the fat is delicious.

Ribeye’s are usually what I buy.

Once in awhile, a NY Strip. I rarely get them because they cost more and have more waste (fat) that I cut off.