What's your favorite cut of steak?

I’m thinking primarily beef and that’s what the poll will cover but if you prefer something else, feel free to leave a comment.

I have to go with the rib-eye. The tenderness and the marbling just can’t be beat.

Yes, rib-eye, on the bone!

In terms of classic steaks, definitely rib-eye. I also love Prime Rib which is kind of the same thing but also different.

Ribeye is the correct answer.

I’m in very early with a Fillet Mignon. I actually like all options presented … when they’re perfect cuts, from a good animal, and cooked perfectly. It seems to me, a Fillet Mignon can be more easily cooked perfectly, and that can hide better if the fat isn’t perfectly marbled. 'Tho if its cut too thin, you’re just as screwed as if you’re trying to grill a too thin porterhouse.

T-bone is a sentimental favorite of mine. Plus there’s a bone to chew afterwards.

Bone-in ribeye, prime, still mooing.

Bone-in rib steak, AKA rib-eye with the bone. People here obviously know their steaks.

We don’t have porterhouse steaks where I am; they’re all t-bones.

Also filet mignon seems to be called beef tenderloin, so that’s what I went with.

A nice porterhouse is my favorite.

Same thing. If you cook the whole roast, you call it tenderloin. If you cut it into steaks, it’s filet mignon.

Like so many others, my favorite is the bone-in rib-eye. Must have the bone in. That’s the best part.

Porterhouse is great…you get the sirloin, the tenderloin, and the “tail.” T-Bone is the same thing, but you don’t get the tail.

But the rib cut gives you the juiciest and most delicious beef.

Rib eye is the tastiest, but I had to give it to the filet since that is what I usually order. But I love a good t bone/porterhouse or prime rib too.

Bavette, when it’s cooked right, can be very good, and wins on the cost.

I prefer fillet to the others, but one has to admit that ANY steak cooked on the bone will ALWAYS be better flavored. I grew up with a father who was a porterhouse addict; he always was apologetic if he brought home T-bones. Shaped a lot of my thinking on steak.

We just call it fillet, but that’s my favourite. Although I prefer fillet of antelope (springbock, kudu), venison or ostrich over beef.

It’s labelled as beef tenderloin here and never as filet mignon. (((Shrug)))

Filet mignon, hands down favorite. I hate fat, be it beef, sheep, pig, or fowl.

Ribeye. Don’t care about the bone as I’ve never been able to taste the difference.