Your-favorite-Duke appreciation thread

To Luke, my favorite Duke…

  1. You shot those arrows with fantastic accuracy.
  2. You came through that bout of amnesia swimmingly.
  3. You treated Enis with nothing but respect.
  4. I’m not gay, but when those flannel shirts came off, was anyone even lookin at Bo?
  5. You never had sex with your cousin (Bo, anyway)
  6. You didn’t lose your temper even after you found out Coy used the last of your Old Spice while you were out on the NASCAR circuit.
  7. You used to let Bo think he was cock-blocking you and getting the hottest tail, but all the while he was really just picking up your slop. (Yeah, I noticed, buddy!)
  8. Your name rhymed.
  9. You were the second-most intelligent Duke in Hazzard County.
  10. You were always a little uncomfortable with what that Confederate flag on the roof of the General Lee stood for.
  11. You could really take a punch.
  12. You never mocked Cooter.
  13. There was always a trust between you and the chickens.
  14. Running moonshine was what you did, but you never let it define who you were.


I liked it when he became the Governor of American Somoa, and he made Zonker his Lietenant Governor.

I don’t appreciate him. He was a extraordinarly lousy actor, a redneck with no personal opinions (at least give Jane credit for that), and essentially a Hollywood prop. Naming an airport after him…I have to blush. Other airports are named after outstanding people. Nothing, nothing emphasizes to the world how immature American culture is than electing a president who’s qualifications were being a cheezy actor, and naming an airport after someone who’s already disappearing from video rentals.

Never mind…wrong duke…sigh.

Me too. But I preferred his tenure as ambassador to the Peoples’ Republic of China (“There is great disorder under heaven, and the situation is excellent”), and as GM of the Washington Redskins.

And here I thought this would be a thread devoted to our very own Duke. I’m sure he’ll be along shortly and be quite let down.

:: sigh ::


Let’s not forget that he was the “missing, secret hostage” in Iran during the 70’s.
The Iranians called him “The Bald Spy”. He would fake various illnesses, save up his medication, & have a field trip to his frontal lobes. This never failed to scare the hell out of his guards. :smiley:

Rarely, if ever has there been a song written where a person can start chanting the chorus, turn the radio off while continuing to chant the chorus, and after 3 minutes turn the radio back on and still be perfectly in sync with the song.

That would be why The Duke of Earl is my favorite Duke.

Mike Gminski.

I was 'till you posted, scout :wink:

“Bad craziness going on down in the village.”

Probably …AND HIS MOTHER CALLED HIM BILL, his 1967 tribute album to the recently deceased Billy Strayhorn, his collaborator and the actual composer of the band’s signature tune “Take the A Train.”

Oh, or Daisy. Damn, those were some fine legs, weren’t they?

“…and that’s my final offer!”

OTOH, he was pretty good last Sunday in billing Jim Andrews and his trophy wife for a succession of double-, triple-, and quadruple-crosses. When I play Diplomacy, he’s my role model when he does that sorta stuff. :slight_smile:

(I love having access to all thirty years of Doonesbury at Their search engine even works, some of the time. :))

I’ll take The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, please. Or maybe The Searchers or Stagecoach for a true western.

Can we imagine a classic Wayne western with score by Ellington and social commentary narration by Trudeau? Naah.

Duh huh, duh huh,
duh huuuh huuuh huh huh huh…
Well you think you’re bad with your rap
I’ll tell you pilgrim I started this crap!

I’ll take Duke Ellington for $500, Alex.

Having been a child in Georgia when that TV show was on, I have to say this:


Wow! That’s been building for approximately 20 years. I need to go shower and smoke a cigarette now…

(By the way, a relative of mine had a role on that show for about one season. That was SO COOL.)

Just for the record: They’ve doubled the dollar amounts on “Jeopardy!” now, so there’s never a $500 question. Single Jeopardy! is $200, $400, $600, &c.

Shows how long it’s been since I last tuned in. So Double Jeopardy goes up to $2K by $400 increments now?

“I lost on Jeopardy!, baby,
oo, oo-oo-ooh…”

They’re a drag on the ACC.

Shuh-shev-ski (dammit, in 'murrica you spell yer name like you say it!) keeps bogarting all the semi-decent recruits.

'Twill be a great day here in NC when he finally gets hired away by the NBA and all those perpetually annoying ‘Cameron Crazies’ are left with NOTHING! NADA! BUPKISS! Just some peach-fuzzed assistant coach, left over from the third-string of the '92 season, who couldn’t get a REAL coaching job.

And we shall LAUGH! Oh yes, we shall laugh…

[sub]Go Pack![/sub]