Your favorite post by a mod

Y’know, I always thought that mods were humorless fascist commie nazis, but after reading this post by Czarcasm, closing the black guy/white girl thread, I realize that though they may be facist commie nazis, they do have a sense of humor. (I hope.) :wink:

So what’s your favorite mod post?

The one where Eutychus explained that he actually invented “Barney” the purple dinosaur but it was stolen from him but a false friend.

Hands down winner here. If I ever read anything better they will have to call an ambulance for me.

MEBuckner v. Kathleen Parker

“This thread is too stupid to live.”

Unfortunately the thread was posted just before the great crash so I don’t have the link nor can I remember which GQ mod closed it. The OP as I recall was an attack on ebonics disguised as a question. Somehow the topic shifted to an ebonic version of Bible at which point the mod closed the thread with the above quote.

The one in this thread where Gaudere cracked down on the name-calling. I asked, “What, I can’t even call you ‘sweet-cheeks’ anymore?” To which Sweet-Cheeks…I mean, Gaudere…reponded, “Oh, well, that’s OK, Honeybuns.”


TubaDiva posted this on the interim board in one of the support forums: "I feel like a mother with a carful of badly behaved children. ‘Don’t make me turn this message board around!’ "

This was not a post, but it’s great anyway: