your favorite purchase

Looking for the best thing you paid for by yourself - not necessarily anything expensive, more along the lines of meaningful and “would take first in a fire” type things.

I don’t have them anymore (duh), but I paid for my first pair of Birkenstocks when I was in sixth grade (yes, it’s true - I am from the land of hippies).

I have a small wooden cross covered with tin milagros from Mexico. That would definitely be in the top ten, along with
some Buddhist stuff (I am spiritually confused, ok?)

It’s ok to pick something expensive, like a house or a car. But everyone will hate you, so think twice before typing. Remember, it is something you PAID for, not a family heirloom or photos.

That’s an easy one for me to answer,
when I bought my computer (2 years ago this summer),
I bought it as a birthdaypresent to myself
and couldn’t even start one,
but I got help from a friend that teached me,
thanks Jenny.
And because of it I got to meet Montfort,
the best thing that ever happend to me.:slight_smile:

My first car. A 57 Chevy, the one with the big fins.
I loved every rusted inch of it.

Our outdoor hot tub. Best toy the wife and i ever got! 'Specially cuz we gots no neighbors!

My ThinkPad. I got it primarily so I could work on a novel and not be trapped at the desktop. It’s my writing machine, it’s my game machine, it’s my email/internet machine, it’s occasionally my work machine, it’s even a movie machine (DVD drive).

In case of a fire, I’m hoping I would be the first thing IT would choose to carry out.

My figure skates. I saved for a year to buy them, and I love them. I should get new ones, but i just can’t seem to let them go. Sigh.

Hmmm…I really don’t buy things for myself. I have gifts I just love to death.

My doll. Josefina from American Girl. I bought her at the AG Store in Chicago and she’s beautiful. My mom had bought dolls for my two sisters, but I had to pay for my doll all on my own.

My Ren-Fest clothes. Life isn’t worth living unless you can spent half an hour knotting yourself in to a bodice your mom calls obscene whenever you want. (Her full comment was, “You aren’t wearing a bra! That’s obscene…oddly it fits your style.” I love my mom.)

My Mage books from White Wolf. I did not total a car and spend time in the hospital to let anything hurt my RPG books. (I got into a ugly car accident on the way to Borders when I finally gave into buying the addiction feeders. After the hospital and taking care of the dead car when asked what I wanted to do I whimpered if my mom would drive me to Borders so I could get my books. I shed blood for those books.)


my husband and my iMac. We are still paying it off and he loves the little F***er. I just am happy he is happy with it.

I also prize my extensive collection of mismatched socks. And my Hot dog TShirt that my husband first took notice of me in.

Omigod. I’d burn to a cinder trying to get my books out.
Now I’m assuming my dog is safely outside, tail wagging and thoroughly enjoying the exciting fire her human was thoughtful enough to start for her entertainment.

I’d be running in and out trying to rescue my books. No, not all of them would be “first picks” but I’d probably croak agonizing over which I could bear to leave to the flames. ::shudder::


Digital camera. It’s great to not need film!

I was living at home the summer I turned 20, and dropped an entire paycheck on a Savage model 110 bolt-action rifle in .243 Winchester caliber, with scope. I loved that gun. Since our dog died our yard had become literally infested with groundhogs, but me and that rifle took care of the problem within a month. I sold it four years later because I need the money. I don’t know what I’d do with it now if I still had it, but I remember it fondly.

I can’t forget my first kitten. I’d had cats before, but they were always family pets. When I bought one (for 50¢ - a lot of money for a kid in those days) I was in heaven for weeks.

My Triumph TR7. It gives me a hobby other than this damn computer, for starters. Also, I’m constantly chattering at my non-automotive oriented wife about cars. Now when she gets sick of hearing me, she can tell me to “go play with your little car”. I do, and peace and serenity is restored in Elkville (at least until the next credit card statement detailing all of my recent automotive indulgences).

This pegs the “Awwwwww” meter. Thanks, FannyMae!

I purchased it from a smith that hadn’t yet made a name for himself in the business, but HAD become a master at what he did. I spent a little over $200 for it. Now a similar blade from him would cost at least $7-800, except that he hasn’t made anything other than Japanese-style weapons for several years.

A pair of $120 bionoclears I bought when I was eleven or twelve. I had saved up baby-sitting money and I was so proud because it was the first really expensive (to me) thing I had ever bought.

I’d say My Hp 550 computer.My 2001 Ford Escape.And a brand new washing machine.My 3 biggets purchaces.

My watch. Yeah I know it’s not a computer, car, or animal but god damnit it’s mine and it’s cool.

I would have said my typewriter, but I didn’t buy it I inherited it.

My watch

My computer w/ scanner printer and all it’s little goodies

The little knicknack my friend bought for me from Thailand

Thats about it I don’t care too much for things that you can buy.

Uuuhhhm… looks around room uuummmm… errr…


Probably all my Disney Art of books. They were the first purchases I made over Amazon, and I still am adding to my collection - only they’re churning out three or four new books a year these days. (I’m sure Eutychus has a healthy collection of these too) I just got the Tarzan and Bug’s Life ones, and they are beautiful. Though my favourite is The Lion King.

I also have a cool book called The Star Wars Chronicles which is part of my extensive Special Effects / ILM collection.

I’d guess that I’d value all those books together at about $5000 (NZ money).