Your favorite sandwich(s)

I consider the BLT sandwich perfection.

List will not be exhaustive since a sandwich can be anything, but I will list all I can think of that are common.

A BLT is right up there. Althought there is a lot to be said for a perfect grilled cheese.

Dammit I skipped over grilled cheese!

I really like a well made Club along with a generous portion of fries or potato chips. The Club really isn’t that far a cry from a BLT.

Maybe I voted Cuban because it’s been a while since I had a good Cuban. You really have to seek them out in Cleveland.

yeah cubans are awesome if made right. You can’t beat a simple ham and swiss on good french bread.

I ticked “Gyro”, but I really wanted to tick “Döner kebab”, which is the original form of that kind of sandwich.

I was hoping you would have peanut butter and banana, but you didn’t, so I voted for egg salad because that sandwich never gets any love.

Lots of tasty choices, but I went with the Club. It’s my go-to sandwich when I’m on the road; I’ll have a side of onion rings, please.

Of the sandwiches you listed, it’s really hard to beat a nice french dip. The only downside it that it’s neither very portable nor a good sandwich to make at home on the spur of the moment. You pretty much have to plan a meal around it or go out and buy one.

For overall convenience, tastiness and versatility, how can you do better than a hamburger?

They’re all good. A Phillipe’s Beef Dip is heavenly. But then, so is a banh mi from a couple of trucks I know of. On the gripping hand, a pulled pork sandwich from Lexington #1 comes close to perfection.

Luckily, the poll is multiple choice!

Reubens and BLTs are the best.

From the list, a Reuben.

At home I love a fried egg, bacon, and raspberry jam on multi-grain toast. Or a grilled cheese, bacon, and tomato.

A burger with dill pickles and thick-sliced raw spanish onion, mayo, mustard, and ketchup.

There’s a great Lebanese restaurant (Cedar’s) here in Charlottetown that serves a damn fine 1) beef schwarma, 2) falafel, 3) chicken schwarma.

I guess I can’t haz cheezburger… in the poll, at least.

I love Ruebens and have had them just about everywhere I’ve seen them on the menu. Meatball subs and pulled pork sammiches are also right up there.

Hmm nothing tagged with “turkey” up there, so I had to choose other, as in a turkey sub.

Yep, same here: my lunch order is often either a turkey sandwich or a turkey sub. Today I went rogue and got a pepper jack roast beef wrap, but it was an impulse order: before I saw it on the menu I was planning to get a turkey sandwich.

Cold meatloaf sandwich, please.

The two best:

Pastrami on rye in a good New York deli or in a pinch in a place who has some idea what it would be in a good New York deli - none of which seem to exist in the Bay Area.

BLT, made with tomatoes from my garden. I don’t even bother having this during the winter.

I’m the only one who selected Fluffernutter? What kinda place is this??

Saul’s Deli in Berkeley? I’ve heard claims of inconsistency in some areas, but I’ve always heard good things about their pastrami and Reubens ( I don’t mess with either - loathe sauerkraut and prefer corned beef to pastrami ).