Your Favourite Disney Princess

I like Jasmine, myself

Mulan wins for me, if only because most Disney Princesses don’t use rocket artillery.

So, we need to know if everyone likes the parallel “prince.” One rather astonishing thing we found out doing “Disney trivia” is that all the princes have names except for the one in Snow White, who is simply known as “The Prince.” So while the character from Sleeping Beauty can sign authographs “Prince Phillip,” Snow White’s escort simply signs “The Prince.”

Ha, that’s kind of cute, actually.

Mulan. The most interesting of them all.

One of the title characters from Beauty and the Beast was a prince, and yet we never found out if he had a real name or not.


Sorry in advance for the hijack, but it’s always kind of annoyed me that Mulan is classified as a “Disney Princess”. I’m not complaining about the OP here, but Disney itself. I understand that once they decided to do this whole princess rebranding thing then it was either call Mulan a princess or leave her out altogether, but it’s inaccurate (unlike the other Disney heroines, she is not any kind of princess by birth or marriage) and IMHO a little degrading. Like the character’s accomplishments and abilities aren’t enough, she’s only worthwhile if we pretend that either she or her love interest had a title.

Back on topic, I like Mulan, but went with Jasmine because I always thought she was cool. She’s spunky and she has a pet tiger! IIRC she’s also the only one of the Disney princesses who ever expressed dissatisfaction with the [stereo]typical princess role, although as an adult I do find her attitude a bit bratty.

Its pretty obvious her father is a feudal lord, she’s a princess by birth.

My logic, at the age I was obsessed with Disney, was simple: prettiest = best ever.

Since I like brunettes, and Mulan hadn’t come out yet, it was Jasmine and Pocahontas.

When I went to Disney World at age 6, I went over the the lady dressed as Pocahontas and gave her a flower.

ETA: There was one other black-haired princess, but I never watched Hunchback of Notre Dame.

What about Nala from the Lion King? Quadrupedist!

I like Belle. She’s the geek Princess.

Well, my honest answers are Jasmine and Mulan, but I’m obligated to vote for Aurora as well, since my niece is named for her. >_>

My favorite is Belle, by far. Smart, loyal, brave, compassionate, resiliant, lovely, and she doesn’t have to change who she is in order to succeed. Plus, she has the most interesting lead to play off of. She has her flaws (a bit snobby re: her neighborhood, but really, she’s rather justified) but that just makes her believable.

Not coincidentally, Beauty and the Beast is my runaway choice for best Disney film.

Mulan is winning? Wow.

I voted Belle.

Is it? Her father was a war veteran - I thought most of the aristocracy during the Tang dynasty came from the scholar class.

I know I’m being silly, but my background in Asian-American cultural studies always makes me furrow my brow a little bit at Mulan. Although it is one of my favorite Disney movies.

I voted for Belle, but for hottest prince I would vote Prince Phillip.

Belle, most definitely! She’s courageous, intelligent, resourceful, fun, kind and feisty in a way that wasn’t annoying (like Jasmine). To me, she’s like a cross between Jo March and Catherine Morland, two of my other favorite fictional heroines…even if Cathy is somewhat more naive than either of them. The beauty is just the cherry on the sundae.

Mulan is a close second, though.

I remember liking Esmeralda when I first saw Hunchback, though I’m not sure how much I’d like her now.

I thought the Beast’s human name was Eric.

Does Esmerelda count as a Gypsy “princess”? And certainly Phoebus could score some title for her? At least a Dame, if he’s a Sir.

I pick Belle. But only because Nala isn’t listed.

Apparently it’s Adam, but that’s only if you scour some of the supplementary materials where this fact is buried, apparently a CD-Rom game or something.

I don’t think so; I think she’s just a street performer. Phoebus is a captain of the guard, IIRC.