Your first celebrity crush . . . then and now

When I was a kid, back in the '50s, I had a huge crush on Jerry Lewis. Well, not so much in more recent years.

How did yours turn out?

Cheryl Ladd

She is looking great!

Fred Rogers on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Never regretted it for an instant.

Then Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock on Star Trek (original series, of course). No afterthoughts about that either (to be honest, he still kind of does it for me ;)).

I think my first non-animated character crush was onNoah Hathaway, who played Atreyu in* The Neverending Story*.

Mmmm…he’s still yummy.
ETA: Er, I was 10, not a pedophile.

Susan Dey is starting to show her age. Jodie Foster still looks amazing.



Yes, he will always do it for me too.

My first was probably Elizabeth Sladen. She did pass away last year, but was looking pretty all rightup to the end.

Maureen McCormick still looks pretty good.

Hm, probably Dawn Wells (Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island). She’s starting to show her age, but still hotter than Ginger ever was.

Peter Tork, then:

And now:

Still hold a special place in my heart. :slight_smile:

Valerie Bertinelli. Still hot for someone my age.

Richard is a lucky man.



No “now” photo available, but my first TV crush was Sue Randall.

For me it was Bobby Sherman.


and now

Not sure how old the picture in the uniform is but he’s not looking too bad.

Valerie Bertinelli for me too. I was 12 when *One Day at a Time *premiered, and she was 15.

Circa 1975
Circa 2012

Back in the 60s, when I was a kid, my Dad was a big fans of all the English spy shows.

So, naturally, my first celeb crush was “Mrs. Peel”- Diana Rigg, of The Avengers.

I now suspect my Dad wasn’t watching for Patrick Macnee, either.

Richard Dean Anderson has aged well. At least, I think so :wink:

Jason Bateman, then and now.

No complaints here.

You probably don’t want to see a current photo since Sue Randall died in 1984.

One of my earliest crushes was Shari Lewis, who also looked pretty good when she was all dressed up for grownups.