Your first live show post-pandemic

With increasing vaccination rates in California, theaters are now open for live shows once again. As such, I just bought tickets to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Crest Theater in Sacramento next month. That will be my first concert since 2019. Since I am fully vaccinated I feel reasonably safe seeing a show. How about you? Are venues reopening where you are? Have you seen a live show or have plans to see one since the pandemic?

I actually bought tickets to no less than 7 live shows, of various genres. First coming up, and in fact my first live show in more than a year, is the San Francisco Symphony, a week from today.

I bought tickets to see Jim Jefferies in September. I also bought tickets to see They Might Be Giants (Flood tour) but that’s not until next year. It was a rescheduled show from last year and some tickets opened up.

Within the last year I did go to a couple of socially distant comedy shows so I can’t say it will be my first live show.

God willing and if Greece is still letting in vaccinated American tourists next week, it’ll be Orestes by Euripides at the Epidaurus Festival. Yes, THAT Epidaurus. THAT theater. I’m torn between being insanely excited and not wanting to count on anything too much, and I’m actually crying a little just thinking about it.

Incidentally, I missed seeing 2 Henry IV, which is the only Shakespeare play I’ve never seen on stage, back in April of 2020. It would have been directed by – well, not a super-close friend, but definitely a friendly acquaintance, who was so incredibly stoked about staging the whole cycle of history plays. Gone, now. Not just that particular production, but the Shakespeare company she built, ten years or so of her career. This whole thing has been so, so brutal for performing artists, and I don’t know how going back is going to feel. Bittersweet, I guess.

We’ll be seeing Brit Floyd. My husband bought me tickets for Christmas 2019, with the show originally scheduled for April 2020. It was then rescheduled to July 2020, and then postponed again to August 2021. Long time coming!

I just saw a local band tonight, which was my first musical outing. We’re seeing Guster tomorrow, and I have Primus tickets for October (rescheduled from last summer).

Hmm. The very last live show I saw was in March of 2020, on Friday the 13th, and was fittingly enough a live show of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast…

Right now the soonest thing I have a ticket for is Carbon Leaf in December. My best friend and I actually saw them in a parking lot concert in August during the pandemic. I think this will be the 12th time we’ve see 'em.

Local dude Angry Johnny Stangry has some shows booked, and I’ll be there.

I did have tickets for a postponed show from last year for Postmodern Jukebox but I had to give them up. My girlfriend’s schedule changed and now we can’t go.

We’ve been to two stand-ups in the last few weeks, both at the same arts complex (I guess you would call it). The first was indoors and much postponed, and was actually the reopening show for the complex. An up-and-coming stand-up, booked for the studio (capacity about ?120) moved to the big room to allow social distancing. Masks on throughout. Very weird for us, the audience, and just as weird for the comics, I suspect. The support had basically his entire act scribbled all over his hands and forearms, and didn’t even pretend he wasn’t looking. The main act freely apologized for his rust - his first show back as well as ours.

The second show, about a week ago, was outdoors in the amphitheater - social distancing but no masks. There’s an awful lot on in the amphitheater at the moment. What must have seemed an indulgence at the time it was commissioned looks like a godsend now.


ETA: this was in the South of England, BTW.