Your first true love

My first true love was Yvonne, I was about 10 or 11 and I loved her to bits.

We were inseperable, we did everything together except sex cos we hadn’t really discovered that yet. :smiley:

We learned to swim together, fish together, collect conkers together, heck we even built model airplanes together.

When I was 13 disaster struck on a monumental scale. :frowning:

Her parents, and Yvonne, moved to Newcastle which although not a million miles away from me might just as well have been. I was totally devastated, my life a dark and meaningless void. :frowning:

Sympathy from my friends? none at all. Jibes, sniggers and cruel taunts were my lot, fingers pointed at me in and out of school as I meandered aimlessly from point A to point B :mad:

Then a light appeared on the horizon :slight_smile: I met Helena, Yvonne was just a fond memory.

We still never discovered sex.

Aww, that’s sweet. :slight_smile:

My first true love turned out be an asshole. Go me. :frowning:

Yes but how old were you. Assholes don’t (or didn’t) exist in young sprogs in my day

Before I answer…

Does the ‘‘first true love’’ also have had to love you back? Does unrequited love count?

But of course, true love is a reciprocal thing :smiley:

Now then, let’s have it

I married my first (and only) true love.

Sure I dated and had crushed on guys before that, but I never loved any of them. And I only “really, really liked” a few of them. Looking back, I realize never even had any childhood loves or crushes, not even really in my teens.

I didn’t even start dating until after high school. I met Suburban Plankton in college and fell in love for the first time…my one and only true love. We’ve been together 16½ years, married for 14.

Then you,Rhiannon are one lucky lady indeed and I sure hope it lasts forever for you both

All right, then my first true love is my husband. I had all of 3 boyfriends before him and they were all jackasses and short-lived.

Dom and I met at freshman orientation of college when we were 18, we were acquaintances for a year, best friends for 3 months, and then suddenly, wildly, passionately in love.

We’ve been together five years, through heavy shit, and I swear he gets more compassionate, intelligent, hilarious, and sexy with every day that goes by. The reason I truly love him is because he is so good–to everyone, I mean. He has committed his life to helping others and together we hope to work at maximum effectiveness. I see all this good we can do as a team, all this love we can bring to the world, together.

Our love is about ideas and action. This man is my best friend. After five years together we still miss our exits on the freeway (once by a HALF HOUR) because we’re so engrossed in conversation. We just love hanging out together, we love planning our future together, making changes and adjustments to try to improve things, whatever.

And we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary in June… sorry I am feeling a bit mushy at the moment, but we were not together on our 1 year, I was in Mexico for the summer. And I came home at midnight last night rather gravely ill, because I got motion sickness on the plane. But he was right there, and he got my luggage and drove me home and made me a sandwich.

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than here. I am so psyched for all the the cool experiences we are going to share together throughout the rest of our lives. It’s amazing to realize that the person you love feels exactly the same way. I never would have imagined it could happen to me.

No entry for me then :frowning:

I was 17. she was 16.

Inseparable since 1968. Mrs. Lanzy.

My first true love? It’s got to be Marmite!

7 years old, 2nd grade,

Theresa A.

Red Hair, blue eyes, freckles, in the Blue Birds and looked great in that Uniform. She simply didn’t return for third grade, her family moved over the summer. I even got in a fight over her with another guy. He jumped me! (I kicked his ass.)

Ah, then that changes everything.

Haven’t had one yet.

I suppose Julie Marie might count, as I was crazy about her and she said she loved me, but we were plagued with problems right from the start. We only lasted two years, and eight months after we split, she was married to someone she met before the split.

I suppose Sheree might count, as we were together for 7.5 years. I still think of her every day, and consider trying to patch things up, but it would be… awkward.

It’s clear that my current heartthrob does not reciprocate.

Wow. Nice. It always amazes me when young couples last that long.

My brother met a girl when he was 18, she was 17.

My father met a girl when he was 19, she was 14.

We were all together over Christmas, to celebrate my parents’ 50th.

Living where you do why does this not come as a surprise :smiley:
Excellent tdn just excellent :cool:

What, that I haven’t found her yet? Yeah, laugh riot!

A wisp of a girl named Donna. I was 16, out in front of my house working on a 69 buick when she sauntered down the sidewalk into my view. She was wearing white jeans and a flowered top and the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I would hold her close. Well that lasted about 2 weeks when I got tossed aside for a pretty boy. Oh well, those are the breaks. I can still remember it like it was yesterday, though. It was 26 years ago.

Me, too. Never mind all the crushes and infatuations. He’s the only one I every truly, completely, with-all-my-heart loved. And the bastard knows it and won’t let me forget it either. :cool: :smiley: (14 years together, 13 years married, and still madly in love.)

I’m still with my first true love :slight_smile:

I was 17 and he was 18 when we met. He transfered colleges to be with me. We moved in together after 3 years. We’re still blissful live-in partners after 6 and a half years together. And that spark is still alive!

Many crushes, no reciprocated love. Although hindsight points out two occasions where I could have had a chance. I guess I’m just not particularly attractive.

What, the cleaning product?

(That’s where I found it–among the cleaning supplies–in a Canadian grocery store. I don’t think they knew what it was. :slight_smile: )