Your Footnote in History....

The SDMB is a conglomeration of diversity; its basically a group of very interesting and opinionated folks, different nationalities, genders, sexual orientation, ages groups, politics, religions, verbal/written skills, temperments and experiences. I am sure that out of this bubbling cauldrom there are some interesting, bizarre, highly significant contributions to society made by SDMBers.

So this thread is a poll on your contribution to the “greater good” or “nefarious notoriety”. Did you think up post-its? Did you write a computer program used by Teeming Millions? What athletic record did you break? How many banks did you rob before you were caught? Where should we look to find your name in a footnote in history?

And Liquid Paper


I did make a contribution to history during a miltary invasion a few years back. Unfortunately, I can’t say what I did. :: sigh :: Forever to be lost in anonimity.

I once saved a little girl from drowing. I figure one day that she’ll be president, or find the miricle drug that cures all ailments and makes your hair shiny. Contributions to the Lissa Memorial Pavilion (set to be built in 2079 where presently the Washington Memorial stands) are welcome.

I wrote a couple articles for 2600, back before it started to suck.

I want this put on my tombstone: Veni, vidi, morti. Any Latin scholars wanna tell me if I got “I died” right?

I haven’t done anything memorable yet. Well there was that time I…but my lawyer told me not to talk about it.
1 2 3 4 me’s lying–Mike Nesmith (the Monkee)'s mother invented Liquid Paper.

Gunslinger’s lying.
1 2 3 4 me IS Mike Nesmith’s mother.

Post-its, though were Romey and Michelle’s.

I have published soup recipes.

Hey soupy,
how do you rate Cockaleekie ???

How do you stop Cockaleeckie?

Sounds painful and socially embarrassing.

A friend used my name in a book as a character. Good.
The character was older than me and lived alone. Not good.
At least it was a nice character.

Hummm, only ten responses in two days. Maybe I should save my footnote in history story for another day…

I wanted to make a footnote in history, but I can’t hold the pen between my toes too well. Sorry! :smiley:

I have a few:

Author of the novel STAROAMER’S FATE.
Bio in a couple of standard reference books (like THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION).
Officer of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
I was the basis for a character in a book (TRYING HARD TO HEAR YOU), though he didn’t have my name.
Youngest person to ever tend bar legally in New York State (I did it on my 18th birthday, so I could only be tied, and since the drinking age was raised to 21, I’m safe).

Gunslinger: What you want to say is Veni, vidi, mortuus sum – which is more grammatical but less catchy. Damn deponents.

I don’t think I have a footnote in history yet. I did try to start a new religion when I was in high school, but considering that the entire belief system consisted of the phrase “He be Elvis and we be elves,” it’s not too surprising that it didn’t catch on.

Personally I am still banking my 15 minutes. At least I hope so…

My footnote in history will probably be found in an anthropology research thesis or journal. The event takes place in the southern Region of the Sudan, one of the world’s poorest and most isolated areas; hot, dry, few graded roads, no schools, clinics or outside economic activity. There is a Sudanese saying that God laughed when he created the Sudan; God must of been really hysterical when the southern Region can into existence.

There is an area in the Bahr el Ghazal province where most of the people living there are members of the Dinka tribe. History is passed down thru generations by songs; your ability to create lyrics and tune describing a particular event is highly prized. In addition, there is an annual get-together at the River Lul where young people have a chance to meet members of the opposite sex.

It so happens that Ali, my brother and I arrived at the River Lul when the annual get-together is in full swing. [This is during the first peace agreement period - no fighting]. It is hideously hot; we are tired and dusty and, as luck would have it, a heavy truck has sunk the “ferry” midstream so that folks are carrying off supply sacks to lighten the load. We would have to wait at least a couple of hours before our landrover could cross the river. There are thousands of people in the river dressed in beads, ivory and nothing else. Men and women are flirting with each other - the whole reason for being there.

Finally, the truck moves on and the ferry comes back for our landrover. By this time I am absolutely dying of the heat and see no relief because there are no cold drinks [no electicity] for miles and miles; just dusty road in a non a/c tank of a landrover. The ferry driver signals to drive the landrover onto the ferry/raft and my brother turns to me and says “I’m going to swim across the river to cool off. Inspiration! He rips his clothes off and tosses them into the car; I rip my clothes off and toss them into the car.

Half way across the river, my brother turns to me and smiles:
“You know, everyone is talking about you.” [My brother speaks Dinka.]
“Oh yeah, why? It couldn’t be because I was stark naked like everyone else. Could it be because I have pubic hair?”
“No, it’s because your swimming with your brother.”

Four days later we returned to the ferry crossing. There are a couple of guys hanging out on our side of the river as we wait for the ferry/raft to cross back to our side. There is a man under a skimpy tree singing a Dinka song softly and good-naturedly. My brother tells me that he is singing a song about this white woman who swam in the River Lul during the recent celebration. My brother also tells me that the other men are betting on whether I will do it again this time. Luckily the ferry/raft arrived and we leave with a
perplexed me sitting in the landrover this time. Hummm, cultural insensitivity? selfish behavior? Should my brother have placed a good bet?

Several months later my brother is back in the area when he hears another song about the river incident… I have often wondered if any of these songs survived and, if so, is this my footnote in history?

I’d settle for 5.

I was on TV on 5 seperate occasions. No really, I was. I appeared on WENH Channel-11, New Hampshire Public Television, on the high school quiz show “Granite State Challenge.” My high school team (Alvirne HS, in Hudson NH) was state champions for the 1993-1994 season. That, so far, the greatest my celebrity has reached.

To clarify, WENH is a PBS type public station, not a community access type public station. It’s the home station of documentarian Ken Burns (Baseball, The Civil War).