Your Footnote in History....

My kind are going to invade your world and take you all as slaves. And then the human race will be a footnote in history. Somewhere in the back, under “exstinct”.

Of course, it’s nothing personal. Have a nice day.

My footnote in history: “Pointed out evil alien overlord’s misspelled word”

Man, I feel sorry for anyone who sees correcting me as a huge achievement.

Oh yeah, and Gunslinger? You just made the top of my list. And I don’t mean the laminated one…

That’s right, I mean the one with check-marks on it.


At the Bill Mitchell Intern’l airport in Milwaukee, WI, near the entrance to concourse C is a fired clay mural sent by the people of Lenigrad (the name at the time) to the people of Milwaukee as a goodwill gesture. Of course, we sent our own fired-clay mural to them.

Along with the mural are several large pictures of the various Milwaukeans stomping clay for the mural. The bearded guy wearing a black greek sailor’s cap & green shirt is me. My few fleeting moments…

Lots of weird things.

I wrote “Weequehela”, a article in New Jersey History Magazine about a historical character who was a footnote in history – one footnote rescuing another from oblivion.

I invented a laser (the superoxide laser) that I seriously doubt anyone will ever want to use.

My book “Medusa” has just come out, with original and unique interpretations of the myth of the Gorgon.

As far as I know, our reseatrch team is the only one to try to use Dilithium crystal for Space Propulsion (True!)

No kidding? Which character? And how do you know the author?