Your girlfriend thinks I'm hot.

Just saw someone wearing this t-shirt and got thinking… (perhaps I’m in a humourless mood)… is this the hight of arrogance and conceit or what?

Nah, it’s just stupid.

Regarding the OP: yes. But tasteless shirts have been around for a while. They’re either getting worse or I’m just getting old…anyway, my friend saw a girl (19 or 20 years old) the other day wearing a t-shirt with one giant word across the front: CUNT.


It’d be even funnier if it said something like:

“I’m banging your ex”


“I think your girlfriend’s hot”

I saw a T-shirt like this once, and was shocked. Upon closer inspection, though, it said “CLINT”. Found out it was her boyfriend’s. :smack:

However, I wouldn’t be surprised (sadly) if someone wore one that really did say CUNT. ~sigh.

Was the guy at least attractive?

I know that I see these shirts on stupid girls all the time (of course, they say something like, “Your boyfriend wants me,” or “He might be with you but he wants me.”) The funny part that the girl usually has her giant, stretch marked, spare tire hanging out the bottom of the ill fitting shirt and over her low rise jeans. I laugh, 'cuz my boyfriend doesn’t want that :wink:

I prefer the Onion’s merchandise, with such witticisms as:

Your favorite band sucks.

Your local sports team sucks.

I enjoy drinking beer.

I saw a pink, mesh trucker hat in a resale shop once that said “Eat My Pussy.” I couldn’t imagine a girl actually wearing that.

So I bought it for myself. :slight_smile:

Happy, yet to find the right occasion to sport it

I can imagine that a lot of people would probably be offended if they saw that. I’m in the age bracket for most of this kind of stuff but I think the only one I’ve ever owned said “Daddy’s Little Princess”, which is generally true :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen a couple recently that say:

“Please Do Not Feed The Models”

“Skinny Is Sexy”

“Your Girlfriend Licks Balls”

“Fuck the life story, just sohw me your tits”

Abercrombie and Fitch has a wide selection of these kind of shirts. They have a section for guys called “sex appeal tees.” Some t-shirt phrases:

sex on tv only hurts if you fall off
many positions to fill
plays well with d-cups (picture of a drinking cup)
will spoon for poon
masters in oral persuasion
you blow i pop
muck fe

Guy’s “attitude” t-shirts:

i’ll call i swear
strong sexual content
bitches love me
boss hog loves cooter
i need good head
i’m easy

Girls “attitude” t-shirts:

blondes are adored, brunettes are ignored
do i make you look fat?
you were never my boyfriend
careful! i had a bowl of bitchy for breakfast.
Ugh. I was actually talking about this with a kid in one of my classes today. He showed me all the A&F shirts I mentioned above. I think they are stupid. I’ve seen way better funny t-shirts than these, and they weren’t $30 for a thin-ass crappy t-shirt.

It occures to me that a cute girl wearing this t-shirt would actually be funny. And sexy. :slight_smile:

(Took a nap. My mood is slowly improving.)

Or perhaps a nice-looking fella with the “He’s with you, but he wants me” shirt.

Actually a great big fat guy would better. The cunt shirt reminds me of the Family Guy.

That’s a bit jerkish, but it wouldn’t bug me too much. The one that I’ve seen around recently that bugs me is a girl’s tee that reads: “You’d better make more than I can spend.”

Isn’t that obscene? Wouldn’t the male equivalent be:

“You’d better have big tits.”


“You’d better suck a mean dick.”

That’s okay. I’ve heard of shirts in the GIRLS clothing section with the words “Future MILF”.

Nice, eh?

I saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "You must be this tall to ride this ride…It had a line at chest level. I would think wearing that shirt would invite all kinds of comebacks. Like, “Your ride is boring and over too fast” I know there’s better ones. :rolleyes:

I knew someone who had an Onion t-shirt that said “Area Man”

I have a t-shirt that has a picture of a hamburger on it and the words “EAT ME” on it. I love it.

As to the OP, that t-shirt may be annoying, but the height of arrogance? Meh.

I just saw, which truly breaks new ground for “irony shirts gone way too fucking far

Calm Down - let’s not turn this rape into a murder!


She told me she was 12

really take the cake.

I saw one of that kind of shirt that just made me LMAO:


I totally need that one.

From t-shirt hell: