Your Go-to Quotes from Cartoons (Childhood or Otherwise)

Which line(s) from a cartoon do you repeat the most?

I find myself saying “Uuhh boy…”, Fred Flintstone style, quite often, without even consciously trying. It’s ingrained.

Other lines from toons (mostly Looney Tunes) pop in my head all the time, (“Ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie”, “Gee, ain’t I a stinker”…), but they may or may not get spoken, depending on who’s within earshot.

So, what’ya got?

“Heavens to murgatroyd,” as muttered by Snagglepuss, a filler cartoon from Hanna-Barbera, I think. First heard it as a little kid, and I still use it in mixed company as a replacement for something more vulgar. I usually draw a room full of blank stares.

My older brother uses “What a revoltin’ development this turned out to be,” which is not from a cartoon but from the very old sitcom Life of Riley, which no one under the age of 50 even heard about.

“You might, rabbit. You might.”

Just yesterday I said, “What a maroon.”

Hey Rocky!

I am not a Woody Woodpecker fan but . . .

There was a Woody Woodpecker cartoon that seemed to run constantly while I was growing up and it had a quote that is very applicable to many common everyday situations. I have exactly ONE friend from childhood who also remembers it and it seems nobody else in the world has ever seen this episode.

We mention it to people and they always say “Oh, I was never into Woody Woodpecker.” But that’s just it- neither were we. But when you’re a little kid and you turn on the T.V. and there’s a choice of noncartoons vs. one of your nonpreferred cartoons, you watch the nonpreferred cartoon and zone out waiting for the better cartoon that comes after it.

These were the only situations in which my friend and I ever watched Woody Woodpecker, so it was only ever very rarely that we’d watch the show at all. And yet it seemed that any. time. we. watched. they were playing this one same episode! So we thought naturally that even non Woody fans should have come across it at some time or another.
Context for The Quote (and it was a bit of a refrain that repeated throughout the episode):
At the beginning of the episode, something terrible goes wrong- Woody is wronged in some way, scammed I think. Woody takes it upon himself to pursue the issue and things keep getting worse and worse and worse.

Each time Woody makes the situation worse, a narrator- a detective type, maybe based on Joe Friday- repeats the refrain:

I say that to myself whenever I find myself making a situation worse.

Next. You’re so next.

Isn’t that cute…BUT IT’S WRONG!!

Dancing is forbidden.

A little from column A, a little from column B

And then I said “Oatmeal?! Are you crazy?”

“Sharraupa you mouf.”

“There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom…” is a favorite, but “That trick never works” is more broadly applicable. The eminently quotable Pinky and the Brain is popular with my family, not just for the opening exchange, but for “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?” and the varied responses. (Sometimes we add new ones.)

I also use some of the fictional profanity from Pirates of Dark Water, particularly “noy j’taht”. It doesn’t actually mean anything, but it’s perfect for spitting in disgust.

“What a Nimrod!”

“Hokey Smoke!”

“Walloping websnappers!”

EDIT: Okay, maybe not. Probably something from the Simpsons. I sometimes like to say “Where there’s no smoke, there’s no fire”, a la Principal Skinner.

I am awaiting an opportunity to use this to good effect.

Tons from South Park:

“That (fill-in-the-blank) has warped my fragile little mind!”
“Screw you guys, I’m going home.”
(Arms crossed, as if wearing straitjacket) “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel…”

No, sir…I don’t like it.

“You realize…this means war.”

“What a maroon. What a nin-cow-poop.”

“A-HA! Pronoun trouble.”

“O.K. I love you. Buh-BYE!”

Well, that’ll learn ya.

You know what? I’m happy.
Hello all you happy people.

I like to use this one too, but most people don’t recognize it as a quote and think I’m just being an asshole. Maybe I should stop yelling the second part so loudly.

I hid a small toy plush rabbit in my hat (sun hat for hiking) and got my b.i.l. with it.

“Wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat?”
“But that trick never works!”

I suppose referencing the **way back machine **has become to mainstream.