Your "grilled cheese for grownups" is a hamburger!


The grilled cheese thickburger is, in fact a hamburger with cheese on it. It is not a fucking grilled cheese. I don’t care if you put it on some kind of bullshit bread instead of a bun; it is a hamburger!

You want to advertise a grilled cheese for grownups, then show me some kind of Texas toast or something, with like three thick pieces of cheddar or something, and make a grilled cheese out of that.

Somebody who likes grilled cheese is not going to order your bullshit hamburger just because you call it a grilled cheese for grownups! If I ordered a grilled cheese for grownups, and found a 1/2 pound of your cheap ass ground beef stuck in it, you’d need a tire iron to pry it out of your throat. Asshole.


I suspect I’ve seen that commercial just once too often.


Hi, Frank! ::waves::
I like putting thick slices of red onion in my grilled cheese sammiches. And I dip them in tomato soup. Also, they must be cut in half only diagonally. Triangles are more tasty.

Fraqnk you might consider decaf.

The traditional misspelling is Frnak. Least, that’s how I do it.

I guess I’m not clear on why I (or anyone) should just idly accept a company choosing to advertise a dishonest interpretation of a common food item.

They’ve lost my business, honestly. Once ever two or three weeks, I’d go there to get a bacon cheeseburger–oddly enough, advertised as a bacon cheeseburger, go figure–but no more. I’ll happily put my non-spending of money where my mouth is.

SO, we’re up to 6 posts and most of us still have no idea what establishment you are pitting. I’m onboard with the whole “a cheeseburger is not a grilled cheese sandwich” rant thing, I just don’t know where to direct it properly yet.

He’s pitting Hardee’s new Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburgers.

The only one I could find on YouTube (linked above) is a longer version of the one I see on TV all the damn time.

And I agree 100% with you, Frank. It grinds my gears so much everytime I see this stupid commercial that I want to throw something at the tv. A grilled cheese does NOT have hamburger on bacon on it – that’s what makes it a fucking grilled cheese and not a cheeseburger.

Son of a bitch, I didn’t, did I?


Ah, Hardee’s! Home of the Charco-broiled burger! They said it was done over hot coals for a distinctive taste, but the only distinctive taste I remember was the burgers actually tasted like charcoal.

Of course a company stupid enough to name itself after part of a laugh that sells hamburger covered in charcoal would try and market a big cheeseburger as a burgerless grilled cheese sandwich.

And NoClueBoy is 100% correct: grilled cheese tastes better in triangles. I prefer tomato and lettuce on mine, btw. (But notice that I don’t fucking go around calling it a BLT Lite™ or some shit.)

We had this same discussion in the sin household with lots of Grrrrr. Grilled cheddar on rye, yum. Hardees burger with cheese on funky bread =/ grilled cheese!!! No way, no how, uh uh. Don’t even get me going on the bacon thing.

This is the fucking most moronic thing I’ve ever read. They’ve lost your business not because they sell an inferior product or because they overcharge, but because they called something on their menu by a name you disagree with? Idiot.

I guess I’m not clear on why I (or anyone) should just idly accept a company choosing to advertise a dishonest interpretation of a common food item.

Christ, shut the fuck up, you snob.

You know, I make a darn good sandwich. I use good quality bread, great Swiss or cheddar cheese, and a few thin slices of ham. The bread is buttered and the entire thing is cooked in a skillet. All together it makes a fantastic toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

It is NOT, however, a grilled cheese sandwich. It is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Apparently if you pour cream gravy or something on it, it becomes a French delicacy, but for me it is only a toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

Grilled cheese sandwiches have cheese and bread. They aren’t on buns. They don’t have burgers on them – those are patty melts. They don’t have bacon – those are… well, I dunno, but they sound damn good and I’d call them a cheese-and-bacon sandwich. Actually, I would probably call that a ‘triple bypass’.

But I have not seen the commercial so I don’t care. :smiley: I don’t think we have Hardees down here.

If Arby’s can call a roast beef sandwich a “burger” (and they have), then Hardees can call a grilled cheese sandwich a “burger.”

(I find both abhorrent, BTW.)

Wendy’s started offering a “taco salad” a while back, and I ordered one once.

They gave me a cup of their usual chili and a regular tossed salad. I thought it was a mistake. No, apparently somebody figured that “gooey chili slop” = “taco” or close enough anyway, and, TADA new menu item without an ounce of effort on R&D’s part. Or the counter workers either; I was supposed to pour the chili over the salad myself. I ate 'em separately, because the combo was just offputting.

Apparently they’ve changed it a bit since; it’s now a “Southwest Taco Salad” and they put the chili on for you, and add sour cream and a chipotle dressing and tortilla strips as well. I can only assume this was in response to customers asking “Are you kidding?”

While I’ll admit I’ve been back to Wendy’s since, it’s been a lot rarer than it used to be.

Well well well, aren’t we being the little corporate lackey here. Since when is a customer not supposed to stop patronizing an establishment unless he has what the corporate lackey considers an adequate justification for it?

A company’s advertising policies are part of its total corporate brand, and if customers find the advertising repulsive enough to diminish their enjoyment of the company’s products, said customers should by all means stop rewarding said company with their business. How else will the company know that they should change their stupid ad campaign?

What kind of servile mindset does it take to consider it “moronic” not to want to give your business to a company that’s gratuitously irritating and exasperating you while attempting to lure you into buying their products? Are we under some kind of pledge not to deny the company their God-given right to our money unless they fail to meet our requirements concerning only product price and quality, or what?

Sheesh, it’s not like there’s nowhere else for the OP to get a bacon cheeseburger if he wants one, or like he’ll be desperately deprived if he just decides to go without it.

Yes, OP, how dare you attempt to chastise the Holy and Noble Corporation for your own elitist and effete squeamishness about their advertising? Don’t you know that you have no right to criticize the Holy and Noble Corporation about ANYTHING other than product price and quality? The Holy and Noble Corporation is the Defender of the Ordinary Hard-working Consumer, and when you diss their ad campaigns, you’re shitting on ordinary hard-working consumers everywhere. Why do you hate America, Liberty and Free Enterprise, OP?

Calm down, Frank. Here, have a Flavored Water, while I have some KoolAid.

That’s because you might have Carl’s Jr. instead. Carl’s Jr. and Hardees are the same company with the same menu and ad campaign. The only difference is that their restaurants are called Carl’s Jr. in the western U.S. and Hardees in the east.

Incidentally, I’ve eaten the Carl’s Jr/Hardees bacon cheeseburger in question. For fast food, it wasn’t bad. However, Frank is right; it wasn’t a grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe some other fast-food place can come up with real one.

Which is why I stopped eating at Quiznos after those rat/monkey thing commercials. I do not want to think about rats when I eat.

Considering the word “burger” is in the title should tell you right there that it’s NOT just a grilled cheese sandwich. Don’t ya think?

AFAICT, the OP is complaining not because the product name “grilled cheese thickburger” is inaccurate, but because the product slogan “grilled cheese for grown ups” is inaccurate.

The implication being, presumably, that a normal traditional grilled cheese sandwich is mere “kiddie food”, unworthy of adult consumption unless it’s pasted around some dubious slab of minced animal parts.