Your "I'm getting old" moments

(Inspired by the Your “I’m an Adult Now” moments thread)

For myself: Seeing the latest pictures of some beautiful celebrity or another frolicking in the surf on some tropical beach in a skimpy swimsuit…and being more mesmerized by how damn blue the water is.

Anyone else?

When every player on every one of my favorite sports teams is younger than I am.

Thank you Mariano Rivera, for keeping me young by hanging on one more year. Assuming you come back from that horrible injury you got shagging flies during batting practice. Ok, maybe you don’t make me feel that young…

I had a threefer back in 2008-2009. First we elected a President of the USA who is younger than me. Then my church called a new Priest who is waaaaay younger than me. Then we elected a new Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia who is younger than me. In the span of one year, for the first time in my life, the President, my Priest and my Bishop are suddenly all younger than me.

They all need to stay off’n mah lawn. :smiley:

When my barber trimmed my eyebrows without asking. I think I’m going to have old man bushy eyebrows.

When I am buying alcohol and the person serving me does not even give me a second glance before pressing the “obviously over 21 button”

They used to at least have a quick look at me. I have obviously reached the level where I can be detected as old via peripheral vision. I am considerably over 21 but it still hurts.

When I walk into a room and no one is playing Hail to the Chief.

No wait, that’s no it.

It’s when I walk into a room and have no idea why I went there.

When I walk into the gym the Sweet Young Things hold the door open for me.

…and I’m grateful.

When co-workers started becoming younger than my own chirren.

For me it was about 6 years ago when I suddenly needed reading glasses.

The thing is, I always forgot that I needed reading glasses and would find myself in grocery stores, etc. totally unable to make out the price on certain items.

About a year ago I learned on The Dope that I could make a small aperture using my thumb and first two fingers to look through and make out small print. That would have come in handy when I used to forget my glasses. I don’t forget them anymore. In fact I have spares stashed everywhere just in case.

When you have an awkward conversation with your doctor that begins “They have ads on TV for this…” and he reaches for the prescription pad.

Yep. Me too. In the kitchen, on my nightstand, in the cars, at the office, in my messanger bag… and I still forget the damned things when I walk into a restaurant and end up having to go back to the car to get them so I can read the goddamn menu. :smack:

So eyes and memory going… Nothing good comes with age. :rolleyes:

When movies you remember going to see as an adult when they were first released are being sold as a 30th Anniversary Edition DVD.

The past couple years have been full of this stuff for me:

[li]arthritis in my fingers[/li][li]spots on the backs of my hands[/li][li]my lower face is beginning to sag a bit, leading to even worse chronic bitchface, as well as the ghost of jowls yet to come[/li][li]making that silly face my dad makes when trying to read small print[/li][li]Sharkboy is a sex symbol[/li][li]thinking “Why are they remaking that - it’s a perfectly good movie/song!”[/li][/ul]

Still, it’s better than the alternative!

The worst was about ten years ago. Sat down, picked up my new issue of Mad… and put on my cheaters to read it.

Seeing the “Jaws: the 30th Anniversary Edition” DVD kinda stung.

Arguing with your kids about great new songs that are covers of your high school days tunes doesn’t help.


And hearing an announcement at a concert “And for all you oldies fans, next month we have Iron Maiden scheduled!”

That was one of the first ones. I was seriously bummed the first time I needed my eyebrows trimmed.

They were calling for ice pellets Christmas Eve, so I broke a 30 year old tradition and didn’t visit with friends. Instead, I went straight to Mom’s. When I was young you couldn’t have kept me from going.

Of course, every-damn-things hurts anymore. That’s a big one.

I need a nap pretty often.

Last week my niece said she didn’t want to hang out with the family because all we talked about was old people illnesses – and I realized that I was taking full part in those conversations.

And I’m really looking forward to when my doctor starts to shave. I wonder who he’s bringing to the prom.

And I too need cheaters. Not because my eyes are going, but why the hell are youngsters putting everything in .00002 point font these days?!?

Hearing songs I did homework to being played as elevator music.

I did that a lot when I was 20. I’m actually better about that now.

One huge thing for me: I don’t get upset over anything anymore. With bushy eyebrows comes a sense of perspective.

I am in reasonably good health and still adequately fit, with only a few problems - shoulder that bothers me sometimes and a bad Achilles’ tendon that I have to nurse along sometimes. Nothing worse than the sort of things I’ve had throughout my adult life.

Except that I realize that all these aches and pains are never going to get better, go away, quit being a small drag on my personal comfort. I can’t think about that too much or it pushes me over the edge into black depression.