Your last minute Christmas panics!

I just spent two and a half hours looking for the ‘big gift’ I got my husband this year.

No, I wasn’t at the mall; I was in the house. It came in weeks ago, along with the boys’ things, and I’ve been wrapping some of them over the days; in the meantime, there have been growing piles of last-minute stuff all over the house. We have today to get everything set up; no worries.

The big item is a watch, one he really, really wants. It’s not expensive as many watches go, but it was a chunk of change and, more importantly, it’s THE one he wants.

And…this morning I couldn’t find it. Searched everywhere…panicking…<that’s spelled wrongly, isn’t it…>…Mr. Tao knew something was up but obviously I couldn’t tell him.

And yeah, you guessed it: I’d already wrapped it. I’d thought of that, but thing is I was trying to be sneaky, and I packed it into a much bigger box…a box just about the size of 3 other things I’d gotten and wrapped for him.


So…what’s your Christmas panic this year? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing, I’m avoiding stores like the plague this weekend!

I just read the script for our children’s service at church, and realized my choir kids have a line after we sing. It’s an easy line, but i will have approximately 20 minutes to teach it to them, tell them they need to remember to sit after they sing, not go find Mom and Dad like usual, and try to practice our song. They’re all between the ages of 3 and 5. Service is in an hour and a half.

Panicked. :smack:

No panics for me but I didn’t order anything from Best Buy…

The vacuum belt just broke and of course I don’t have a replacement. I guess it just wants to keep the broken dishwasher company. All the appliances are against me this year.

I’m hosting a birthday party tomorrow. <We don’t celebrate Christmas, but a family member happens to have a December 25th birthday>

While on a cruise a few weeks ago, I took a napkin folding class. So I bought a set of four square, cloth napkins. Last night, I couldn’t find one of them! I did NOT want to have to go to the store today.

Thankfully, I found it. Crisis averted.
And while I’m here…I hope you all have a happy D/a’s sister’s birthday. :slight_smile:

No panics. All the pre preparation that can be done for dinner tomorrow is, gifts are ready to go and I actually had time to cook and stock the freezer with some non holiday cooking.

I’m starting to wonder what it is that I’m completely forgetting becasue this just can’t be right.

Minor mini-sorta-panic. I found out my sis is giving my daughter a check, but I wasn’t planning to give her kids anything. First off, all these “kids” are in their 20s. Secondly, my niece and nephew pretty well suck at saying thank you, so I decided they never liked what I gave them. So I’ll save them the need to pretend to be grateful. Except now I feel like I’m on the spot.

Maybe I’ll give them a ceramic something that I’ve made? I need to get rid of a lot of that anyway…

My kids did great! They remembered most of the words to the song and they remembered their line! I’m so proud of them! However, the service itself had the funniest church moment I have ever seen - at the end, when everyone was singing Silent Night and using glowsticks to simulate the stars, in the middle of the first verse, about three rows in front of us, we saw a glowstick suddenly fly high through the air and sail over several rows. We all had the giggles through half of the second verse. :smiley:

Sorta-panic, in that I’m glad I double-checked the recipe and had time to run to the grocery store.

I’m making a sweet potato gratin for dinner at the inlaws’ tomorrow, and thought I had enough ingredients. I double-checked, then ran to the store to get extra cream. Whew.

OK, this might seem like a bit of a weird Christmas panic. Me and my SO aren’t really into the whole Christmas gift thing, except she likes to volunteer on December 25th. Today she went out for some food - we’d not eaten all day - and after 2 hours came back … with my presents. We’d promised to meet someone (her church friends) at 8:45 and I had 40 minutes to eat and buy her gifts. She didn’t want anything for her birthday but my perfectly suitable gift was still terrible, compared to a fluffy bear she got from a complete stranger. Gah!

I actually found a nice woman’s clothes shop in double-time, plus forced down some snacks on the way back home. I hope her clothes fit! Scarves are pretty flexible but skin-tight tops are not. She is pretty average even by east Asian counties, though.

We both got home about a half an hour ago after much ado - she lost some money, and we returned to see if it’d been returned. We’re supposed to be greeting a removal man on Christmas Day at 9:30am - 3 hours away - because he promised to be here yesterday at 4, then 6, and now this morning. Will he turn up on Christmas Day after letting us down twice? Probably yes. Will I be awake? Doubtful but insomnia is a curious mistress.