A quick poll for Dopers who celebrate Christmas

So how are the preparations coming along?

Just need to wrap and that is hubby’s job.

Got everything bought and wrapped and (in one case) mailed; about two thirds are already at Mom’s place under the tree, which I decorated last week. Stocking stuffers ready to go. Got the ingredients for the mulled wine I’m going to make.

Just cooked and served Solstice dinner for myself and a friend and am now vigiling.

I was unemployed for most of the year, so I’ve had to pare waaaaaaaaay back on Christmas. I like it. I’ve got a few things to pick up on Wednesday, a little wrapping and baking to do, and I’m good to go.

Usually I host, this year I suggested that we each choose a dish to bring to my grandmother’s house. She gets to be at home, where she’s most comfortable, but doesn’t have to cook. I get to cook a few things that I love, and not have to worry about cleaning and childproofing and spending the day worrying that someone’s gonna let the cats out. Win!

I also told everyone “Hey, you know that “only buy for the kids” thing that we say we’re gonna do every year? This year, I’m actually doing that. Fair warning has been issued.”

My daughter isn’t expecting much, and there won’t be as much as most years, but not being able to throw money around wildly has made me much more organized and inspired (and oddly lucky, I’ve gotten some truly amazing deals), and I know she’ll love what there is.

I’m working again, and hopefully I’ll be in a much better place financially next year, but as the Lord is my witness, I will NEVER go back to the Christmas Craziness I used to impose on myself.

I order all my gifts online now. Makes it so easy to shop and still be productive (I work ungodly hours).

They’ve all arrived, and my wife likes to do the wrapping, so all I need to do is wrap her gift (an iPhone 3GS… SHHH!)

My living room is a disaster area right now, with wrapping paper and unwrapped presents in one corner and a half decorated tree surrounded with boxes of decorations in the other. I also have a few more gifts to pick up and I’ll need to make a trip to the grocery store once I solidify my Christmas Eve/Day dinner plans. However, I have tomorrow afternoon and evening and Thursday morning to get all this pinned down, so I think I’ll be able to get everything done without too much problem.

I have a handful of presents left to wrap, a couple of gift baskets to assemble when I figure out how to salvage my truffles that for some bizarre didn’t set up, another batch of marshmallows to make, and a batch of critter cookies to make. Aside from that, it’s just the standard laundry, packing, and car cleaning-out.

Oh, yeah, cookies! I need to make some cookies! I’d better add that to my list!

Just grocery shopping for the big meal, which’ll be tomorrow. Other than that, I’ve been done for well over a week.

All I have left is stuffing a stocking and tidying the place up so I can come home on Christmas Eve and not have to worry about a thing.

I’m also planning to make a yule log cake for Christmas dinner at the in-laws… an ambitious project and I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to be in over my head! I baked a million cookies last weekend, though, so that’s my backup dessert if I mess up the cake. My plan is to bake the cake part tomorrow night and refrigerate it, and then do the assembly on Christmas Eve. We’ll see.

Pack a suitcase and get on a plane. That’s all I have left.

I was only obligated to buy two presents this year, and I was a little behind in shipping them. (My SDMB giftee should get his gift by, oh, July or so.)

Things still felt a little thin. There will be almost no gifts this year. So last night I went to the mall and got a little something for everyone I’ll be seeing. Paid someone to wrap them for me. Done.

One more gift to pick up this afternoon, and I’m done.

One person’s gifts to wrap, then I have to cook for Christmas dinner, but my family is doing pot luck, so I only have two dishes to prepare.

Two more gifts should arrive today which I will need to wrap. Then on Wednesday I’ve got to go to the grocery store to get things for the meal on Friday evening. That’s it.

The week after Christmas is going to be interesting. I have one kid moving out of the house, one kid & his fiancee moving in, and our office is moving (which I’m in charge of). Wish me luck !

Why didn’t someone tell me it was almost Christmas! Somewhere I lost a whole week of December! AAAuuugggghhhh!

Still waiting for the last of Mrs. Homie’s gifts to arrive (just got an e-mail from the retailer yesterday saying it would be there by 12/24, come hell or high water). I’ll have to wrap it, of course.

There are a few smallish gifts under the tree that Mrs. Homie still needs to wrap, but she’s debating on whether or not to wrap them at all (they’re already in decorative boxes).

Other than that, we’re done. Woot.

January 7th sounds like a great day to have Christmas! :smiley:

We have all the presents for my MIL, most for the kids and I have mine for my hubby. The one for my hubby is the only one wrapped. We haven’t even purchased wrapping paper. I get paid Thursday, so we’ll finish shopping then: we also have to go out and buy presents from my MIL to the kids.

The turkey is, in all probablility, still in the deep freeze: but we have a sirloin tip roast that we’re cooking for Christmas. We still have to go get the sides for dinner and pick up a birthday cake for my BIL. The tree is still not up. We have to clean the living room.

Come to think of it, I think April would be better. :smiley:

The only big thing left is to embroider the edge of a pillowcase for my oldest girl. Little sister’s is done and I’m almost 1/3 through this one. I can only do it when they’re not around, so it’s the hardest thing.

I haven’t wrapped any presents yet, but I plan to do most of that tomorrow. Putting things under the tree is still a huge temptation for the 6yo!

Other plans for today include finishing the gingerbread house with the kids, having them help wrap presents for their grandparents, and delivering treats to friends, we’re about 2/3 done with that. Ooh, I need to do a plate for the library! I need to send one package off too.

And a whole lot of cleaning/decluttering. :slight_smile:

I bought all the gifts for my boyfriend’s family and mine. I wrapped and mailed the ones going to NY. The ones for his family need to be wrapped before Thursday night and the ones for my family need to be wrapped before Friday morning.

Tomorrow, the boyfriend and I will be going shopping for food to feed my mom, stepdad, and stepbrother on Christmas day.

I even took care of ordering my gift from my boyfriend. He has been very busy trying to build a studio at work, by himself, before Christmas. So, last night he asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted a camera. I found the one I wanted, used his debit card to order it. Now it’s waiting at the store and he just has to go pick it up. I’ll have to go with him though because he doesn’t know how to get there.

He said he feels like a tool. I told him not to worry about it. At least he didn’t end up spending a lot of money on jewelry I dont want (After all this time, why does he still think of jewelry before everything else?)

Tree isn’t up. (It’s artificial, the lights are prestrung on it… we’re just lazy.)

Cards went out this morning.

Presents that can be bought are bought, but need to be wrapped.

I’m finishing up my homemade presents: soap and body scrub are done, mustard is made but questionable in flavor quality and will be taste-tested before jarring, chutney and maybe peppermint foot lotion will be made tonight or tomorrow. I keep second-guessing a lot of details in the scrapbook family tree that I’m nearly finished with for my mom. :smack: