Your life as a Robert Ludlum novel

You know the titles (which may or my not adequately describe the contents):

* The Osterman Weekend
* The Matlock Paper 
* The Rhinemann Exchange
* The Matarese Circle
* The Bourne Identity
* The Bourne Supremacy
* The Icarus Agenda
* The Bourne Ultimatum
* The Scorpio Illusion
* The Apocalypse Watch
* The Prometheus Deception
* The Sigma Protocol
* The Janson Directive
* The Ambler Warning
* The Poseidon Adventure
* The Kyoto Protocol

Ok, so maybe not those last two.

Now, what if RL was writing about your life or some aspect of it. What would the title of the book be?

I’m a schoolteacher. Possible titles:
The Overhead Transparency
The Assessment Criteria

I used to be a rubbish collector in a New Zealand town. Hence:
The Whakatane Sanitation
So, how would you be titled?

Me? I used to be a goldmine geologist:
The Witwatersrand Conglomerate sounds about right…

The Luton Love-machine!

For a Sunday afternoon-

The Davenport Suppression
The Heineken Agenda
The Weber Operation

The Bowel Movement
The Heimlich Manuever

  • The Hernia Operation*
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience

You’re right; The Delphi Exception sounds so much more interesting that way.
It’s the weekend though, so I’d better go pick up The Residential Renovation

The Baker Catering
The Wedding Reception
The Dark Bread Rising

The “Weekend at the Law Office” Ludlum:

The Hobbs Motion
The Reply Brief
The Lexis Research
The Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
The Sunday Ruination
The Career Reexamination

These are great. keep em coming. But I must get back to work.

The Straight Dope Procrastination

Morning coffee: The Starbuck Decantation
The shower: The Kohler Immersion
The train: The Bombardier Commutation

The Boring Identity

Tech support: The Jaipur Conundrum

Mad magazine’s parody of a Ludlum title was The Marsupial Knish.

The Library Unpacking

The Bulgaria Incident.

At work, where patients get agitated alot

The Lorazepam Solution

Just kidding, just kidding, we do a lot of redirection… and non pharmacological interventions first. Still, it can lead to:

The Halperidol Intervention. Or The Whitecode Intervention. Or The Intermuscular Injection. Or “Burly Men Hold down Elderly Patient.” Wait, thats not a Ludlum novel, thats more like a tabloid headline.

At home, aAt home, with Job title :Mommy…

The Grassstain Imperitive
The Teddybear Collossus
The Bandaid Solution

Right now, it’s The Outremont Byelection.

The Bush Fatigue
The Lovely Wife
The Children Pouncing
The Clean Desk
The SDMB Distraction

The Authority Control, right now.

Here at work it’s:

*–The Capital Improvement Plan

–The FLUM Amendment

–The Minimum Use Determination

–The Procrastination Protocol

–The Timepiece Observation*
Tonight at home:

*–The Snack Supremecy

–The Gaming Convocation

–The Dinner Conundrum*