Your Life. In Chart Form

I enjoyed this tidbit from Bored Panda. Some amusing charts from someone who clearly has too much time on their hands.

That’s quite accurate. Thanks!

Wait until he gets old. More charts.

I liked this one too. But I’m not sure I believe a few of them, and don’t remember seeing a 128 year old in Guinness…. But it is worth it just for some excellent photos and stories. Plus it is quite funny.

Those are entertaining, thanks. I don’t t think I’ve seen his charts before.

Those are great. That guy could have been me when I was younger.

Yeah, right? I thought of one. My social anxiety used to be pretty high like the chart guy’s seems to be, but as I get older it’s decreased dramatically as my dontgiveafuckitude set in when I finally realized most people are as screwed up as me or worse. Now I worry about other things…

Timeline chart from my 20s to 50s:

Social anxiety: (line that starts high and goes down at 45 degree angle)

Anxiety over ordinary things like climbing ladders: (line that starts low and goes up at 45 degree angle)

Me. Yep. I figured it out.

The guy has problems designing and labeling Venn diagrams but I must say the one at #15 is quite apt for us.

#5 describes our recent move perfectly. Combine #5 with prepping and selling your house at the same time and you have a recipe for suicide. Combine both of those with moving into the new place and realizing you haven’t enough room for all that shit, and you have a murderous rampage in your future.