Your Majesty you and all your subjects go and fuck yourselves

(This thread is only directed at the english)

Are you all so afraid? You need to get rid of your inferiotity complex. You are suppose to be the greatest sportmen of all time, and yet everytime you have to face Argentina you start crying. Maradona made a goal with his hands, he didn’t play by the rules BUAHHH. Yet you always forget about the other goal.
Beckham did not play by the rules (1998) he is kicked out of the match and you start crying again (double standard?)
Now Beckham suffered an accident, his opponent is argentinian and you start with the conspiracy theroies. Why don’t you all go and get yourself fuck? After that you’ll be more relaxed. In that way you will give a better performance. Argentina is one of the best (if not the best) teams in the world. Chances are always on our side, we don’t need an ilicit “advantage”, we don’t care about Beckham, we don’t care about the rest of your team. Granted that will be the most dofficult match of the first round but we are confident in winning. So stop crying and start behaving like english are supposed to behave.

cite, link, reference, anything?

Oh yeah, I am sure the British have a huge inferiority complex and secretely wish they had been born Argentinians. Especailly these days when the British economy is a shambles and the Pound is in a free fall. What it is trading for these days? Four to the dollar? I have heard of the long lines at the consulates trying to get out of the country by whatever means. Truly pathetic. I pity them.

So…when does Falklands War: Part II begin?

To all the idiots that so far have answered, this thread is about football. That is why I seriously doubt any of you is english (they would understand). Sailor go and fuck yourself. This is about the upcoming match in the world cup, politics, economy, a war that happened 20 years ago have nothing to do. I am discussing what the english media is saying (that Duscher intentionally injured Beckaham so that we wouldn’t have to face him). Again please discuss football.
Yep I checked Sailor you are an american, you don’t even know what football is. Fuck off.

Getting drunk on lager and kicking the crap out of each other?

Hold on, there, the US has hosted the World Cup and we have a respectable national team. Quite a few Americans follow soccer–not me, though.

Well, I’m not English but let me take a stab at this one. Beckham hit Simeone with the approximate force of a gnat. Simeone took such a dive I could have sworn I saw him change into Speedos.

Beckham shouldn’t have kicked him, but Simeone shouldn’t have gone down like a cheap whore.

Gobear, we call it “picardia criolla” Beckham commited a fault, Simeone did a great performance (he diserved an Oscar at the very least) to make sure that fault was noticed.

I hope England kicks your ass.

Beckham did not play by the rules (1998) he is kicked out of the match and you start crying again (double standard?) [\QUOTE]

Yeah, I remember that, an Argentinian player stomping all over Beckham’s back, Beckham momentarily looses his cool and gives a tap with his heel to the player on top of him. Argentinian player dives like Greg Louganis so Beckham is red carded. Double standard indeed.

I rule Zoff’s diving description the winner. :slight_smile:

I’m honored. I accept this award in the name of all players who don’t take a dive whenever an opponent comes within 10 yards.

What what?
<polishes monocle and waxes moustache>
Football eh? old chap, tsk.
<dons tweed jacket>
I don’t suppose you have any gin?
<puffs on pipe and sits at a leather-topped writing desk>
Is that better old man?

Estilicon, my dear fellow, Football is not the whole of reality.

Tally ho.

Don’t worry my British chumbs after you get a kicking from the Argies your 2nd team … eerrmm the Irish national team I mean will wipe the floor with those 2nd rate jokers.
I wonder when I’m going to wake up and will there be cornflakes ready for me when I do.

Out of order, gobear

Actually, estilicon, we Americans do know what football is. We just call it soccer to avoid confusion with the greatest sport in the world, American football.

I would give a shit about football, too. Provided my country had qualified for the world cup.

In other words: stop whining, and make sure your team wins when they’re on the pitch. Which, unlike in the papers, is where matches and championships are won.

Argentinia indeed has one of the better squads, I’ll give you that.

you have a hockey thread where the people slag each other, but when a football thread is started, it gets this response?

(a little note of Explination to those who havent got a clue about what this thread about. Manchester United played Deportivo La Coruna on Wednesday night. David Beckham (English international) was tackled by Duscher (argentinian) , and as a result, broke a bone in his foot.
The english red tops have nothing better to do but stir up pointless agro before the match, claiming that the tackle was on purpose to eliminate beckham.

Estie, old chum, my good friend Ruadh is not only a female that likes football, but she is and american female who likes football!!
As for Ireland, we have the weiner eating krauts to look forward to in the opening rounds. Roy keane will beat up your midfield, and we will laugh!!!

anyway, with all the banter we shall have over the next few months, spare a thought for poor old Coldfire. His team of clog wearing dyke pluggers failed to qualify, due to the incredible performance of the Mighty Irish.

but wait! There’s More!!

Not satisfied with eliminating the Dutch from the Would Cup, the Irish under 19’s stopped the dutch u19’s in their tracks for the European championships in Norway!!

I think the Dutch F.A. is really starting to dislike us!

come on dutchie! what have ya got to say to that, eh?

*points finger at Coldy and laughs

What about that Muskerry sportsman, the bould Thady Quill? Is he on the team this year?
[sub]hums “Do b’Fhearr Leigean doibh” softly to himself[/sub]

And on the great scheme of things, its not so really very important, being just a game.

So is Roy Keane going to kick the Krauts with his hamstrung or non-hamstrung leg? And how come they’re going to allow him on the pitch when the 22 non-injured players are in the middle of a game?