Your most recent forehead-slapping moment...

I realized just today, after a month at this contract job, that if I had just gone out another exit out of the transit tunnel (which I had noticed, but dismissed before), I would’ve ended up around the corner to the entrance of the building where I work instead of a block and a half away. That would’ve been one less month of going out into the wind and cold, and having to wait for traffic lights.


While installing a new tub I had spent a good 30 minutes putting down a bead of caulk along the bottom. I was so proud of how straight and perfect the bead was. Then it dawned on me, having taped off the walls and ceiling for paint, that the same process would work well with caulk. I still had a new window to finish off so I taped it prior to caulking and it took less than a minute to lay a bead of caulk and swipe it once with a finger. It looked like a machine had done it.

This past weekend our toddler was a bit sick, and was kind of lethargic as a result. At one point I described him as “subdued.” My stream of consciousness immediately leapt to the band the Subdudes. I don’t like them, actually, but I’ve certainly known about them for years. I only just then got the play on words that is their name. :smack:

We also recently took our kids to the local nature center, which, among other things, keeps specimens of area wildlife that have been injured or raised among people and thus can’t be returned to the wild. In one enclosure they have two quail, which a sign informed us are named Dan and Marilyn. It was only when passing back by the enclosure later that the significance of their names hit me. :smack:

I spent two hours yesterday trying to figure out why the teleprompter was prompting things upside down.

I went through all the diagnostics in the software, tried to move the beam splitter, and finally after two hours of scratching my head, realized that when I put things back together last week, I had placed the new flat screen monitor under the mirror on backwards. Spun it the right way, and Viola!

Commence head slapping and frantic glances around to see if anyone saw me.

I saw that on a TV show not too long ago. I slapped my head when I saw it. I’ll be ready next time I have to caulk!

File not found! Whaddaya mean file not found? The file is right there! I even typed in the filename for you!

Oh. The filename. Not the filepath. :smack:

Never mind.