Your most recent Googling

Mundane? Check. Pointless? You better believe it.

My most recent Google search was an image search for MLP (for the image I link to in this thread). It turns out, MLP stands both for Mobile Launce Platform and My Little Pony. Who knew?

What’s your most recent Googling?

I looked for cheap magazine subscriptions and was thrilled to find this site that has lots of magazines for a $5.95 per year subscription. It even has some multi-year subscriptions that work out better than that. I grabbed 5 and may get more later.

Mine was Orpheus, to get the name of his wife Eurydice spelled correctly for this thread. Her name is visible in the Google link to wikipedia’s entry (2nd hit), so I didn’t need to go any further.

I put a phone number in the search field to see what company to which it was attached. Was it true customer service or (evil of all evils) telemarketing? It was the latter.

The job market here sucks. :frowning:

I was trying to find a replacement intercooler for my truck. Banks is backordered three weeks and deer season starts in two. I may have found another after-market brand; my mechanic will call on it in the morning.

I Googled a potential tenant. She’s been a real, um, idiot, on the phone and in our correspondence with her, and red flags were raised.

I found out she has a website which listed her job experience, including in our city, and was curious as to why, if she was a reporter here, she didn’t know her way around the city. I casually asked if she’d ever worked for Channel X as a videographer. “No,” she replied.

Funny, when her website says she did.

Then I found another set of references to her, and another website, with an alternative name. Same person, same pic, same fake-y resume-stuff.


I do enjoy Googling people.

The last thing I Googled was “test track,” because I’m working on my resumé and wanted to check whether the product’s name is “Test Track” or “TestTrack” (it’s the latter). Immediately before that I did a search on “subversion” for a similar reason.

Wow, those really are mundane. :smiley:

I Googled “tv series Bones” to check when the new season starts.

It started today. Which made me very happy.

I googled a medication name, because I read a thread where a poster said, “I take medication X- it’s a ____”, and I thought, “No, it’s not, medication x is a ____”, and I wanted to check to see if I was right. I was.
Yes, I need to get a life. Why do you ask?
I at least successfully fought the urge to post a correction.

I Googled the game I’ve been playing, for I must have more of it.

I Googled poison ivy remedies. I’m sorry I needed to…::scratch scratch::

I googled carpal tunnel syndrome and decided I should buy myself a wrist brace.

And the sign of a deranged mind. Try “FogBugz” and “Perforce” respectively.

Whoops, remembered the snide comment, forgot the meat. According my my Google toolbar’s memory, my last three searches are:

“synergy MacOS X command key config”
“coos indian names”
“pickling crock”

Quick, psychoanalyze those!

Googled: “entry level materials engineer” (with and then without quotation marks)

I’m still trying to find a job relevant to my degree within the same time zone. Fortunately, I have a couple follow-up interviews scheduled for next week, but it doesn’t hurt to send out a couple more resumés. A disproportionate number of (i.e. nearly all) companies seeking engineers want experienced candidates only. Somewhere, there is a door wide enough through which I can stick my foot.

Just now I looked for the Cambridge Latin courses (which is whole-to-parts Latin, emphasizing the translation of chunks of text right from the start, instead of learning a ton of grammar first). Will I want to switch Latin texts when my kid is old enough? Stay tuned for about 3 years to find out!

Before that, the other day I looked for a random obscure book called Flower of the mind, which turned out to be an anthology of English poetry, and though it’s available online, you only get the intro and notes, not the actual poems the notes are about. Oh well.

My most recent Google was Hamburger Helper. I wanted to find out what it was.

“Soupy twist”.

OK, it’s not often I laugh out loud when I mouse over a thread to see what it’s about.

(Y’all have spoiled me with this feature. I keep trying it on CNN and being annoyed when the article titles don’t 'splain themselves.)

I Googled “yellow mass, benign, brain, corpus callosum” and after some further refinement, ended up with intracranial lipoma, which was a totally new concept to me, fascinating in that it’s developmental (you’re born with it) not acquired, and fortuitously explained something damn weird I ran into at an autopsy.

“Yellow Peri” (an old Adventures of Superboy character who’s recently reappeared in 52) to try to find how many appearances she’s had prior to 52. Looks like 4.

Prior to that, I googled Mind-Grabber Kid and Odd Man, for the same reason.

Neither of them has made a lot of appearances, either.

Prior to that, it was the Inferior Five, because of Blimp’s apperance in the same issue, because I wanted to provide a link for someone I was discussing it with, who wasn’t familiar with the team.