Your most recent Googling

Googled to see if someone ‘famous’ had a home page (she doesn’t)

Here’s the string:

etymology written ancient “space between” historical

Turns out that putting spaces between words didn’t particularly catch on until the 8th or 9th century AD.

It’s not my mind. :slight_smile:


It was mentioned on another board I read and I didn’t know what it was.

Don’t let the name fool ya, it does just fine by itself.

It was a Google Video search of “penn teller bullshit”.

Can you guess what I spent the past two days watching?

Jeanette Rundgren. It was a Google Image search. With Safe Search Off.

I don’t know who she is, but she sure is purty.

My last google sure was for “oxycodone” and “side effects”

I was using the new Google function that lets you search old newspapers (link here) to do some research on some turn-of-the-century figures.

SOmeoane asked me if I knew the derivation of “RKO Keith”.

Very interresting. Check it out.

But I didn’t know that RCA was owned by Joseph P. Kennedy!
And that the “RKO-Radio Pictures” phrase on their old movies was to fight the competition that the movies were having with newly popular radio programming.

Let’s see:

vintage reproduction appliances

I keep thinking of how well a 1950’s era stove and/or fridge would look great in the kitchen, but I want the perks of the new appliances as well.

(Note: that search will also bring up a lot of reconditioned vintage appliances.)

<< BREAKFAST.COM Halted…Cereal Port Not Responding >>

I’m always late to these things!

last 10 (in no particular order)

Perl ppm
Perl DBI
firebird ODBC
Washing Machine (image search)
Vacuum Cleaner (image search)
Television (image search)
Central Heat (image search)
Refrigerator (image search)
Sewing Machine (image search)

Can anyone guess what two (completely separate) things I’m currently working on

I helped my mom recall the name of a place in Mexico that’s well known for silver, since she wants to sell a tray and cordials made there.

It’s Taxco. Didn’t take long to find.

I was getting my class to practice Internet searches and finished by challenging them to find two English words that only give one website (Google whack?).

Which is why I typed ‘heiroglyph cummerbund’ (10) and ‘zugswang pyramids’ (1)!

Last three according to the Safari Goodle toolbar:

“oil can boyd ocean”
“willy wonka imdb”
“chiers portland”

First two were to confirm posts I made today in SDMB threads.

Last one was to find out what that acronym stood for. It’s a van that picks up drunks and takes them to a detox center. I admired their sense of humor, but couldn’t think of what the acronym could possibly stand for.

It stands for “Central City Concern Hooper Inebriate Emergency Response Service.” Wow, they had to work for that one.

My last google search:

“connect the dots” online
“connect the dots” printables

No, not for me (I wish!), I work in the library’s children’s department.


“bow wow wow” “adam and the ants” “malcolm mclaren”
Don’t ask.

“define: ignoble”
I wanted to be sure I was using it properly.

I was Googling for junior novelizations of Beowulf for my 8 yo son.

I googled ‘snap stick lubricant’ because my husband asked me if I could think of something to rub into the snaps on the cushions of his new boat so they would snap and unsnap easier. Believe it or not, I found this. Yep, Shurhold’s Snap-Stick lubricant specifically made to keep snaps from, umm… sticking. What did we all do before Google?