How Googlicious am I

boredom. It can strike even the best of us. Like me.

So I decided to relieve my boredom by typing in my SDMB username in google, and seeing what it came up with. (remember those good ole days when people thought you were cool for using google, before everyone knew about it?)

Not suprising, if you type in oldscratch and penis, I’m at the top of the list. In fact, I’m in a list of one. I’m pretty googlicios. More suprising, if you just type oldscratch, I’m number 4. Wow!. I kick some major ass. I’m slaytanic. It’s the proverbial tits.

One time I put racinchikki’s real name (first & last) in Google and found porn. And no, it wasn’t her.

I’m reading “Lord of the Rings”, and I wanted to get a little more info on the source of Aglarond’s name.

The second entry is Aglarond’s page from the SDMB people pages!

The third item was my SD People Page. Apparently there is a band called Wicked Blue taking up the top two. Bastards.

Oh yeah, and is not my website.


I’m the # 2 mouthbreather in the land of google. Pretty cool.

Three hits for my SN - all me.

20 hits for my real name - all me. I’m exclusive, baby! :slight_smile:

Whoo hoo! I am #1! But we all knew that anyway, right? :wink:

Durnit…now you’ll all think I’m a trekkie!

I am extremely googlicious. First 4 are alllll me.

The first Google entry on my screen name directs you to my entry in the SD People Pages.

As I have no webpage or people page yet, I decided to see what would happen for mine… forgetting that I’ve named myself after a very popular character… Dumbass, Dumbass, Dumbass!

Board name: Tons of matches, but the first one is me.
Real name: 9 hits, all me.

I feel special now. :slight_smile:

Mine, as expected, brought up hundreds of sites about the book.

Screen name: four results, all me. The first is a webpage I made in (maybe) 1995. I had totally forgotten that it even existed!

Real name: eight results, all me.

Aren’t I the Googlicious one?

Coldfire: 23,300 hits. I didn’t even bother to check which # entry had something to do with me, but there has to be something in there. :wink:

Real name: 9 hits. All me.

Su búsqueda - SteveinSpain - no aparece en ningún documento

Google shows five hits for my real name, all dealing with magazine articles I have published.

Just checked mine out…

For TruePisces, it brought up 4 results, the first one was my SD People Pages Page. (The second one was tshirts, Tees & :D’s page, which is right after mine)… the other two had nothing to do with me.

For my real name, it brought up 16 entries, 7 of which were me (most of them articles I wrote for my Dad’s NASCAR page a couple years ago, two guest books I’d signed, and a poem of mine I used to use as a sig that managed to get archived back when I was on the Mercedes Lackey Mailing list)

Not bad. Not bad at all.

My user name, only three, but they’re all mine. Scot Web (forgot about that), SDMB, and something incomprehensible.

My real name, without the “42”? TONS. I may be back on page 137 of the search, but I’ll never be bored enough to find out!

You won’t get anything with mine, there are thousands of sites devoted to the Sanrio character Badtz Maru.

I tried doing searches for some of my other old usernames from other boards - Terata, Phydeaux, MetaTroll…Terata brings up a lot of sites for a band called that, Phydeaux gets a variety of sites…but the first couple of MetaTroll links are posts at Mr. Cranky’s from 1998.

If you want to find your posts and you have a handle that brings up a bunch of garbage, just type your username and the name of the site in there.