A Google-Username Game!

Well, not really a game. More an interesting thing.

Put your username into Google. Remember to use " " if it’s more than one word, like mine. If you use more than one username for different places, stick them all in (since the SDMB isn’t Googleable).

How many links until the (screenname) is you? For me;

Revenant Threshold - No links.

shadeedge (my usual username) - 1st link is me. And in fact, all links that aren’t coding are me. Hooray for uniqueness! [sub]Also curses as my annoying teenage years are exposed.[/sub]

Wow…er. I put in Anaamika, and the 3rd link no less was my OKcupid profile, which I keep around to take tests. Other than that, I went through a bunch of pages (8) before I got bored.

My normal username, **Elenia, **comes up around link number…10, for the story I posted on “I’m Not Sorry”.

Both places I wouldn’t necessarily expected to have linked so easily!

BrattiAtti fetches 68 results - all me. A few nanowrimo posts, a whole lotta VU gin tournaments, and some websites relating to here (dopefests, anagram user name drawings, Hal Briston’s baby pool).

A search for my first online username yields 136 results. A few are me. Nothing embarrassing… on the first four pages, anyways.

My case is rather unusual. Google indexes its own Google Answers service. Since I have answered more than 2000 questions and posted more than 15000 comments on Google Answers, a Google search for pinkfreud produces thousands of hits that apply to me.

In the first ten pages of Google results, none were a reference to me in any way, and only a few dealt with the source of my username.

Googling my name is pretty much useless. My own fault for using a regular old word for a username.

Most of the results are me, including the first one. One that isn’t is this bit of glurgy writing. That’s really, really not me.

4 of the 1st 10 are me.
#3 ismy homepage
#4 is my fathom profile

The very first and second links are to my myspace profile…every other link was to other people.
It’s weird seeing how many people have my screenname. There’s only one LunaV!

4th one is me (my Fathom profile).

I don’t live in Brisbane, I’m not a divorced RN looking for love (although I am a 38-year-old white female with brown hair), and I’m not a claims adjuster in LA. My name is not Joyce Faught. I’ve never quit smoking, because I never started (and never will). I am an awesome eBayer, but under a different name and only occasionally – that Scarlett’s not me.

I’m guessing a number of dopers would appear as hits on my site. My #1 and #2 results were the anagramed username cartoon page and the baby pool, respectively.

Team of Scientists yields some two million results, so I’m not gonna bother with that one.

I googled elnino710, my AIM screeny, and I got this . I’m a little weirded out. It’s an archive of a bunch of my AIM profiles starting in September '04 and ending in February '05. Why are my profiles on there? I searched around, and it looks like the guy has quite a few screen names archived. Very strange.

At least the page isn’t actually active anymore. The one I linked to is cached by Google.

Um, I should tell you those profiles are mostly inane quotes and pop culture references lest you actually read some of them.

About 2,540,000 hits for “ruffian” here.

Not coincidentally, the majority of the first few pages are about Ruffian.

Oops. Almost all of the hits are in Finnish. Apparently, in Finnish, “sattua” means to hit something or to hurt oneself. That’s not how I meant it at all… I took it as a variant of “sattva,” ultimate physical bliss.

I get 565 hits on my nick.

I first “invented” this nick about 6-7 years ago, when my previous nick had gotten too widely used by other people. It was also mine long enough for me to lay claim on hotmail, excite, and lycos before other people started using it before I could get there.

However, browsing through the first few pages of Google hits, the majority have nothing to do with me at all (I do NOT have a MySpace page!). Some are from Usenet postings made before Google took that over, but mostly by my husband (we used a shared e-mail account back then).

I did manage to get GMail fast enough to claim kiminy@gmail.com, but I lost out on Yahoo.

All the 177 hits were me. Nearly all are post to MousePad.

My username here returned nothing related to me. At least not in the first 100 results. Stupid generic, if non-english, word.

The other username I use, “Mordecai Chalk” returns 35 results (78 with some double-up omissions as Google does), and I belong to 7 of those, including the first one.

I actually, and obviously, come before the origin of that name, which is a comic book character. I did not, at the time of the adoption know where the name came from, despite having read the comic. I had forgotten all about the character, and my mind brought up these two words that sounded pretty good together. Two years later, I was reading the comic again, and Bam! there I was in my 4-color process glory.

Mostly they are profiles, but the first one is my now discontinued (or moved) blog from my holiday last year… that never quite got finished.

Scary world. I never thought I’d have such a large internet presence that all my usernames would be on the first page of a Google search. Well, my SDMB name I can understand, since I’m the only one on the internet who uses it, apparently. And that’s fine by me. But my usernames on Livejournal? (frenchified, loathlylady, and la_vie_tricote for the curious. The links are the seventh, seventh, and first hits, respectively.) Holy hell. I feel famous!

17,100,000 results (in 0.3 seconds!)

I’ll get back to you when I’ve found something about me.