Your most shameful culinary practices

For a proper sausage roll, you need bangers and English mustard. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

and H2O2 is one ATOM away from water. That one atom makes a BIG difference.between water and hydrogen peroxide.

Little Johnny took a drink
And then he was no more.
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4

You need crackers or breadcrumbs in a good meatloaf.

Well, as a salad, he is right. But many eat a large Caesar salad as a meal, then you add chicken.

If you buy the regular Banquet Backyard BBQ Rib TV dinner you would get one rib portion with some corn and potatoes for like $1.25. Sometimes 10 for $10.

I’m a fan of the King’s Hawaiian mini-sub rolls for this application - they’re the right size for the On-Cor patties.

Anchovies and the olives sound really good. I do a similar salad wrap (though not really Caesar) and really enjoy some fresh cilantro & parsley mixed with the lettuce. Some feta is nice, too.

Or even fresh bread works fine if you soak it first, (then squeeze out the liquid before adding to the meat so it’s wet, but not overly soggy). All the bread-like-substances/starch + liquid is what’s called a panade, and, other than being a stretcher, it adds to the familiar soft, meatloaf texture and retains moisture.

Thanks, good ideas.

That’s how my Italian grandma always made her meatballs. As a kid, I hated it because I could see the chunks of bread and for some reason, it was very unappetizing to me. It doesn’t bother me anymore.

I love good coffee. French press is my preferred way to make it, using freshly ground coffee beans from La Colomb if I make the effort to get some. I hear there’s a good new coffee shop that roasts it’s own coffee near me that is highly recommended but I’ve not tried it yet.

That said, my morning coffee fix is Nestle Classic instant. I just can’t be arsed to jump through all the hoops in the morning. Just give me a cup of hot coffee and silence until it kicks in.

If that’s Nescafe Classic, it can often be found cheaper per ounce in ‘Hispanic Foods’ aisle. I drink it exclusively at home.

Yeah, that’s it. I get the 10.5 oz jar for about $7 on Amazon Prime Online Groceries (Fresh?). It’s the best price for least effort that I’ve been able to find.

I usually wait till I find it for 70 cents/oz so Amazon’s price is pretty good. I’ll also add that I recently discovered* the Aldi knockoff. It"s extremely close to Nescafe, possibly the same product, and at least a few bucks cheaper.

*the breakroom/coffee machine was closed much of last year and I was drinking a lot more instant at work. I tried the Aldi since I was shopping there anyway and wanted to save my Nescafe stockpile for use at home. Once my Nescafe is used up, I’ll be switching.

I got y’all beat on shame coffee. My favorite method is steeping in a teapot then pouring through a strainer. Basically French press without so much press. But like all other fresh hot coffee methods cleanup is a bitch. So I do cold brew. 10 quarts at a time. I put 4 cups of cheapest coffee in a nut milk bag, put that in a 2.5g rectangular drink jug,

and put that on the top shelf of my fridge. Then I dispense myself a couple cups every morning, warm it up if the mood strikes me but usually cold. lasts a week/10days. Cleanup is still a bitch but only ebery week/10days.

Sometimes I eat hummus and/or salmon flavored cream cheese right out of the plastic tubs, using two fingers to scoop it up with.

The best chicken salads are made with canned chicken. I’ve tried rotisserie or roasted chicken–it’s just not right. Canned chicken, real mayo and dill (freeze-dried).

Cayenne pepper is one of my must have table spices (along with black pepper). Both are in my car in case I stopped for a (pre-COVID) egg McMuffin on the way to work.

I use MSG in my cooking. I buy 1lb bags of Aji-No-Moto on Amazon. The name translates to “the essence of flavor” and it is. Usually I replace half the salt called for in a recipe with MSG. And then season to taste.

I only discovered canned chicken relatively recently and really like it. The broth is delicious.
Try dill pickle relish. It will add some texture and tang.

I’ve done a tasty sandwich filling with canned chicken chunks and bacon ranch salad dressing.