Your opinions: wedding announcements

The Other Shoe and I got married recently :smiley: and I wanted to send out a couple of cards to people we know, letting 'em know we’re all legal and suchlike now. It’s getting into Christmas card season anyway, so I figured - perhaps combine the two sentiments? “We wanted you to know and share in our joy” + “Happy holidays to you and yours!”

Mr. Horseshoe has been reluctant to send these to some people (the ones we’re less close to, frankly) saying it will be seen as a gift grab type thing by the recipient. We’re not registered anywhere or anything, and it’s not like I’m mentioning it AT ALL or even writing these in that spirit.

What say ye, Dopers? If you got a card - handwritten, mind you - from someone you’re friends with but don’t see all that often with the above two sentiments, would you smile and think “Yay for you! Mazel tov, you crazy kids!” or sigh and think “Time to haul out the checkbook again. Greedy bastards.” as you read it?

Oh I would just think it was just a nice way to announce that you got married. An invitation is a gift grab, especially the ones addressed to whole work groups and pinned up on the bulletin board.

Yeah, I always frown when I get FB wedding invitations from people I haven’t seen or talked to for years because it seems like a total gift grab, but a handwritten card around the holidays wouldn’t strike me that way.

An announcement doesn’t invite a gift. All it does is make the reader say “oh, that’s neat.” A wedding invitation does not require a gift either. However gifts are considered customary at weddings. An announcement follows the wedding, no gift necessary.

Anyone who would send you a gift based on an announcement, and then resent you for it, is a grade-A asshole anyway, and not someone you should worry about pleasing.

Anyone who doesn’t attend the wedding isn’t expected to give gifts, so an announcement isn’t a gift grab. I think that combining it with your holiday card is a lovely idea.

People often grouse about those long letters that get sent out at Christmas about how little [del]Billy[/del] Caden made the soccer team and [del]Sally’s[/del] Madison’s gymnastics.

You actually have something to tell people. It’s a great idea!

I agree with Sigmagirl. In your card, include a “here’s what happened to us last year” short paragraph, and in there mention that you got married.

Why not something like “Happy Holidays [etc] and oh, bye the way, we just got married”?

An announcement is wonderful and not at all a gift grab.

No, please send out the cards. I was all set to say it was a gift grab until I actually read what you were doing. I think it’s helpful, so we know you are married now and no longer a Single Unit.

Do me a favor while you’re at it, and sign the card as you would like to be addressed in the future. Like, “Mr. & Mrs. Shoe”, or “Mr Shoe and Mrs Othershoe.” That way I know, too.

You are completely in the clear (and thank goodness for those dear souls who continue to hand-write their social correspondence). Congratulations!