Your personality?

In one of my many I-don’t-want-to-study-so-I’m-going-to
surf-the-net experiences I happened to come across this site…

Now I know that it’s not exactly an accurate picture of your personality. The actual MBTI test is several hundred questions long and is scored by someone with a degree, and this one is 70 questions long and has a pretty simple scoring device. On the other hand for all practical intents and purposes it seems to work pretty well-ie I took it and my “type” seems to fit me pretty well(INTJ).
I’ve also heard theories about which types tend to used UBB’s, and I’m curious, what are you?

Your Temperament is Rational : NT
Your variant temperament is Mastermind : INTJ

Expressive: o

Introspective: 7
Observant: 3

Tender: 2
Tough: 7

Probing: 3
Scheduled: 7

This puts me in the same category as Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ayn Rand. Interesting…

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Your Temperament is Artisan : SP
Your variant temperament is Performer : ESFP

Attentive - 3
Expressive - 7

Introspective - 5
Observant - 5

Tender - 8
Tough - 2

Probing - 8
Scheduled - 2

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

My temperament is Artisan : SP
My variant temperament is Composer :ISFP

Attentive- 10
Expressive- 0

Introspective- 4
Observant- 5

Tender- 8
Tough- 2

Probing- 7
Scheduled- 3

I guess that makes me an old softie! :slight_smile:

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Your Temperament is Guardian : SJ
Your variant temperament is Protector : ISFJ

Attentive - 6
Expressive - 4

Introspective - 4
Observant - 6

Tender - 7
Tough - 3

Probing - 2
Scheduled - 8

“You are sweet, kind, and considerate… Like a grown up boy scout with tits!” - Brian, aka SDMB’s one and only Satan.


I did this on a whim, rather than be sensible and go to bed the way I should have 2 hours ago.

Didn’t write down the sectional scores, but still came out exactly the same as the MBTI the last 3 times I took it (in the past 10 years):

INTP. Same old, same old. Maybe I’ll try this again tomorrow when I’m less exhausted.

At least this version had spiffy graphics. The most notable was that I’m about as expressive as a soap dish.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll improve,

Temperment - Rational: NT
Variant Temperment - INTP

I+4, N+12, T+12, P+10

Have taken the 72 question version of this test a couple of times in the last eight years, always come out INTP, though sometimes less strongly than others.

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As with TVeblen, I probably should have waited until after I got some sleep instead fo just clicking on the link at a whim. I’ll probably take it again later in a few weeks to see if it changes.

Temperment: Rational:NT
Variant Temperment: Architech:INTP

Attentive: 6
Expressive: 4

Introspective: 7
Observant: 2

Tender: 4
Tough: 5

Probing: 9
Scheduled: 0

(subject to change when I wake up)

Not applicable to me.

I don’t have a personality.

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Guardian - SJ
Supervisor - ESTJ
A/E = 5/5
I/O = 4/5
T/T = 4/5
P/s = 3/7

Something like 46% of the folks who took the net test were Guardians and most of those were Supervisors. So, I guess I’m the common denominator

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Your Temperament is Guardian : SJ
Your variant temperament is Inspector : ISTJ

Attentive - 9
Expressive - 1

Introspective - 3
Observant - 7

Tender - 4
Tough - 6

Probing - 5
Scheduled - 5

Temp. Artisan SP
Variant: Performer ESFP

Attentive - 3
Expressive - 9

Introspective - 5
Observant - 7

Tender - 10
Tough - 2

Probing - 8
Schedule - 5

We are close aren’t we Sue? lol

“Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

Morning Fuzz… wow and they usually say opposites attract.

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

As usual, I’m an ENFP.

Idealist: NF
Champion: ENFP

E+10 N+8 F+11 P+20

Attentive: 0
Expressive: 10

Introspective: 7
Observant: 3

Tender: 8
Tough: 2

Probing: 10
Scheduled: 0

So, if you want a shoulder to cry on, or someone to get really excited about your idea, or someone who is happier being spontaneous and carefree, I’m your gal.

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Hey Grace, I’m an Inspector Guardian (or a Guardian Inspector) too! Where’s my halo and magnifying glass?

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

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Your Temperament is Guardian : SJ
Your variant temperament is Provider : ESFJ

Attentive: 1
Expressive: 9
Introspective: 2
Observant: 7
Tender: 6
Tough: 4
Probing: 4
Scheduling: 6

Temperament = Idealist: NF
Variant Temperament = Champion: ENFP

Attentive 1
Expressive 9
Introspective 7
Observant 3
Tender 9
Tough 1
Probing 9
Scheduled 1

Attentive: 2
Expressive: 8

Introspective: 4
Observant: 6

Tender: 2
Tough: 8

Probing: 4
Scheduled: 6

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Your Temperament is Guardian : SJ
Your variant temperament is Supervisor : ESTJ

Attentive 2
Expressive 8

Introspective 2
Observant 7

Tender 5
Tough 5

Probing 3
Scheduled 6

Well, I disagree somewhat with these results, especially the “attentive” part. People who know me well, I think, feel I’m better at that than the test gives me credit for.

Yer pal,

Your Temperament is Guardian : SJ
Your variant temperament is Protector : ISFJ

Attentive 9
Expressive 1

Introspective 4
Observant 6

Tender 7
Tough 2

Probing 4
Scheduled 5

I’m in the same category as Jimmy Stewart and Mother Teresa. Who knew? I hope that wonderful woman isn’t rolling in her grave with me in the same category.