Your social comfort level once vaxed

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PookahMacPhellimey, I must know, what does Aldi in Italy feature when they have an “American Week”. Can you provide any link to a picture of their sale flyer?

Well, I’ve invited my family too an outdoor mother’s day gathering. My mom and her nearby children will all be fully vaccinated by then. The spice may not be, so maybe they won’t come.

I’ve also made a dentist appointment for a routine cleaning and check up.

This reminds me that there are a number of non-emergency medical-ish things that I am intending to follow up on once I am fully vaccinated. I’m well overdue for my annual eye exam, I’ve got a knee issue I want to deal with, etc. No reason to have someone in my face with the elevated risk, but I look forward to getting things sorted out once it feels safer to do so. I’ve kept my twice-annual doctor’s appointments, but everything else has been on hold.

Okay then, American friends. Here’s what Italians think you eat. Though some of these things are nice enough, I personally prefer Greek or Spanish week.

this or this. They’ll have more than just a few things, for example, some decent cookies.

I’ll try and stop hijacking now.

Yep, we Americans can’t get enough of those ketchup/mayonnaise sauce mixes and peanut and blueberry-topped pancakes :smile:. I always find stuff like that fascinating, like the can of “hotdogs in American sauce” I ran across in Spain. It’s like a game of cultural/cuisine telephone - you can see where it came from, but it is oddly off.

Thank you.

I’ve had one shot, I’ll get the second in a couple weeks. I don’t plan on changing my safety standards much at all. Partly due to concerns about new strains of the virus that may not be stopped by my vaccine, and quite a bit because a lot of the old fun things just don’t appeal now. Although I get pangs of wanting to eat in a restaurant, I know that I’d actually hate it right now if I went, I’d just be on the alert, monitoring how close other diners were to me, watching the waiters to see if their masks stayed on properly. Sitting in a movie theater for 2 hours with a bunch of strangers? No thanks. A trivia teammate is agitating for us to start up again, the bar is back to hosting it. Hell no.
I’m viewing my vaccination like a parachute, I’m glad to have it, but I don’t want to have to need it.

Being more than 2 weeks past my second dose, this thread inspired me to head off to TJs and spend some gift cards on stuff I don’t need but like or want to try.

The main difference is that I feel I can talk to neighbors who have been fully vaccinated without a mask, since I’ve been also. We always went to the grocery store once a week and Costco once every six weeks, and still do. But we went to a thrift store which we didn’t do before being vaccinated, and I can stop in for one or two things at the grocery without feeling I’m risking my health.
I still mask of course. I’m looking forward to the last member of my critique group getting vaccinated so that we can meet in person again.

Obligatory TJ reference: I go there as much as I did before - twice in a quarter of a century.

According to what I’ve read/heard, I’ll be max protected in about 1-2 weeks. I will feel a lot less ‘guilty’ about the occasional lap, like forgetting to put on my mask the moment I step out of the car or not wearing eye protection. But with the variants and incidence rising, we’re nowhere not being out of the woods. I am working in an office two days out of the week but I am still going to wear masks. Won’t be traveling much, though I may now consider visiting my mother who lives four 4 1/2 hrs away by car.

My gf’s brother lives in Vermont and is fully vaccinated. Yesterday he drove 9 hours, leaving home at 5 am, to visit us. I made waffles and bacon for breakfast this morning, very much looks normal. Later today we’re all heading to their mom’s (fully vaccinated) house to visit.

My husband is three weeks past fully-vaccinated. I’m a week and a half past my first vaccination. Yesterday we felt comfortable enough to sit at a (mostly empty) outdoor restaurant patio and have some Mexican food. It’s the first time in over a year that we’ve had anything other than takeaway food from restaurants.

Man, did that chili verde and birria and homemade corn tortillas taste good.

Went to the funeral/luncheon. Boy, it was weird, being in a room w/ so many people. At the funeral home, everyone was masked. Everyone kept their masks on at the gravesite. But then at the restaurant, everyone was at tables in one room, w/ masks off. I thought it felt a little uncomfortable. Of course, I often find that sort of thing a little uncomfortable.

The next day, we met at one person’s home for Easter dinner w/ 10-12 immediate family members - many of whom have travelled. Weather was nice, so windows were open and spent most of the time outdoors, but again, not a mask in sight. Didn’t feel quite right, but I sensed that my discomfort was lessening rapidly.

Not in a hurry to do a heck of a lot more socializing. This p.m., I’m heading over to play music w/ 2 people. Depending on the weather, we may be outdoors. If indoors, not sure whether they will want windows open. 1 of them is vaxed - not sure about the other.

I’m fully vaccinated, and this coming Sunday will be 2nd shot + 2 weeks for me. But my wife is a decade younger than me, so she just got shot #1 last night, and shot #2 + 2 weeks will be mid-May.

My WAG is that we’ll be OK with outdoor restaurants right away, but I expect to feel uncomfortable with indoor dining for a good while to come.

I expect I’ll wear my mask as long as most other people are, just to help maintain the sense of social cohesion as long as possible that this is what you do: if vaxxed people don’t wear masks, it’ll encourage unvaxxed people to drop them as well.

OTOH, we’re going to resume air travel pretty quickly. My wife grew up in central Florida, and this is the longest she’s ever gone without seeing her family. I’ve got N95 masks for us to wear while on the plane and in airports, mostly so we don’t pass any nasty viruses, Covid or otherwise, on to her dad who’s pushing 80 and in lousy health. I’m very fond of my FIL, and while I know we’ll lose him sooner or later, I’d strongly prefer later.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.

Well, I didn’t forget to make the appointments. And they are on the list. And I don’t get to call up again and put them off yet another time, any longer. Can I have my excuse back, but still get to hug my friend, and still get to not get covid?

So, last night I went to a local brewery for takeout. My gf was still working (WFH). I’ve done this frequently during the pandemic.

Initially I’d order online and the food would be “delivered” to my car by a masked employee. I’d tip 100%.

Lately they’ve been allowed outside dining. Takeout is picked up at the bar, masked.

I’d totally missed in the news that bars/restaurant are opening up more. Last night I placed my takeout order then SAT AT THE BAR and drank while awaiting my food. It was great. I had two empty seats on each side.

Some relatives were in town, and yesterday there was a luncheon at a restaurant. About 10-11 people seated at 2 round tables.

I think most of the adults were vaxed, I assume the 4 youngest people were not.

Seemed like a weird dance, wearing the masks to/from the tables, but taking them off at the table. I felt perfectly comfortable. Odd how quickly that came in just a week or so.

I’m inclined to think that as soon as I’m fully immunized, I’m going to feel that it’s okay to go to poorly-ventilated areas with strangers (mask if required).

I don’t see how an actual end to my social distancing is possible if I assume that it’s not a major risk until told otherwise by health officials. Is that selfish of me? It’s a question I’m struggling with.

Now that my husband, parents, and I are all more than 2 weeks post-second shot, I feel ready to go to a baseball game. It’s outdoors and they’re limiting attendance, but I’m not kidding myself; this would be foolish if I weren’t vaccinated. And probably some folks there won’t be. But I’m OK with it. I will keep my mask on.

I’m also ready for road trips, as long as my companions are all vaccinated. I went to Monterey last weekend and I’m looking at Rosarito soon. Not sure I want to reward Arizona with my business, though.

I’m not totally opposed to the idea of eating inside at a restaurant, but I’m enjoying the alfresco experience and see no need to take the extra risk.

I’m trying to limit my face-to-face contact, and avoid maskless contact, with anyone who isn’t vaccinated or whose status is unknown. But around the thankfully increasing numbers who are vaccinated, I’m cool with acting like old times–sitting close, talking, eating, hugging. I’ve missed that stuff.

Are you presuming that health officials will never tell you otherwise? That seems unlikely to me.

It’s not a matter of no end. It’s a matter of waiting until it’s time for it to end.

And health officials are already saying that the fully vaccinated don’t need to distance around people who are also fully vaccinated; or around one household at a time of those who are unvaccinated but low risk.