"'Your son has killed two kafirs. I slit their throats with a dagger'"

Below is the last conversation between a Pakistani terrorist who was killed in latest terror attack in India and his mother :

Just wanted to show the mindset of cancerous Islamic terrorism and the face of true Islam.

Just failed.

Cool story.

No, you showed us the mindset of a particular (deranged) individual who murdered two people. Actually, you didn’t even show that very well.

On preview, what **Trinopus **said.

But I DO love how his mum wanted to know if he’d eaten! See? Mums the world over want to know that you’re looking after yourself! :smiley: :smiley:

You’re quite the moron, aren’t you?

Well, the OP did show us the caliber of his own thinking, such as it is.

Hey, look, another stupid asshole joined.

Joined in 2012 - he lurked for four years before posting this?

I’m 58 and my mother still thinks she’s committing a crime against humanity if I don’t leave her house carrying food. “I’ve got some leftover [usually something quite good] in the freezer. Take some.”

No, he is an Indian national who has been active for awhile and fairly consistent in his views on the topic. It appears he hates and despises a sizeable portion of his countrymen, but sadly that’s hardly unusual in this world of ours.

Ah, a current events Pit thread, cool concept. Hey, did you hear the one about the American college boy who is accused of luring a 13 year old girl from her room at night, then stabbing her (who knows what he did to her before stabbing her to death), and dumping her body like a piece of trash? Do you have any last words from him?
Or did you just want to remind me that you are really afraid of Islam?

Not to be confused with Helen Mirram, the face of L’oreal, or Kristen Stewart, the face of Chanel.

Again, all there is to be said is one should differentiate between Islam and Muslims as people. Terrorism/Jihad is part of core Islam. Love and respect Muslims at an individual level as much as non-Muslims. But make no mistakes about the fact that Islam is a poison for society, and for the world.

Sleeper cell?

Now, now, as we all know it is only possible for an ideology to drive people to do good things, never evil. Also it must be true that all ideologies are equally bad and good otherwise we’d be able to say that one was more likely to lead to evil deeds than another, that will never do.
This explains those Quaker terrorist organisations forever seeking to set-up their own exclusive enclaves by force and murder.

I’m disappointed she didn’t ask if he was wearing clean underwear.

To sum up: this guy and his family: insane radicals, but not the “true face of Islam”. I’m pretty sure Islam doesn’t have a “true face”. Nor indeed does Christianity as a whole, nor any other religion involving a significant number of followers.

Funny. I’d have to go with your asinine level of bigotry and stupidity are the poison society should fear.

Why are you comparing a sub-sub-subset of Christians who number somewhere around 300,000 members to an entire religion of 1.7 billion people?

I didn’t say “Islam”. I said “ideology”

I hope you agree that this particular individual is following an ideology that is more destructive than the Quakers.