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It’s official. While SD has been in my bookmarks since I got online 2 years ago, and I have a link on my humble webpage, it has never been my start page. UNTIL TODAY!!

I admit it, I am addicted. I started out with the New York Daily News as my start. Then, realizing I usually checked email first, switched over to hotmail login,which is what it has been until today(I downloaded that nifty little MSN thing that tells me if I have hotmail, so the start page seemed unecessary) And ,well, I like you guys.

So,umm,yea, there is a question here…What is your browser’s start page and why?

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My start page is always a local page on my hard drive. Usually it’s my most recent website. Currently, it’s the second ep of PigeonMan, which will be uploaded today.

Having an offline page means it won’t auto-dial when I open my browser.

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I never changed it, it still goes to MS something…
I actually don’t go here first, but my other board is moving soon, so no point in making it my start page. Can I have a blank start page?

I know this is sad, but my start page is my homepage. It used to be either MyLycos or MyYahoo, but I hardly ever use those anymore. It was the Straight Dope for awhile, but I found that this causes me to come right in here, spend several hours, and not get anything else done.


My Homepage
The RHPS: Website For Virgins
Both Updated More Often Than This Sig


You can and I do. Configure it in the internet settings in IE, where it says start page select blank.

its blank
so it will load faster

Chief’s Domain -

Best search engine ever.


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Mine is blank for both Netscape and IE. The chances that upon launching my browser I will actually be planning to go to any one page is so incredibly remote that it is a waste of time and an irritating pain in the ass to open it and have something start trying to load right away.

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OpalCat’s site:
The Teeming Millions Homepage:

Mine opens to CNN.

I like to get my news fix right when i log on, so then I can focus on other things (like this MB or porn :)).

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I’m a biologist who only posts from work, so I open up to the Fish and Wildlife Service homepage. I only visit a couple of non-work-related pages. SD (of course), the Onion, ESPN, and the American Spectator. That’s about it.

I’ve never been to a Web porno site in my life. I hear about all the crazy stuff, but, alas, I can’t go there :frowning: I feel like I’m missing out!

I just have several shortcuts on my desktop. - pretty good megasearch engine. - of course. - customized for news and sports and stuff.

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My start page is the “Personal Start Page” that Earthlink has.
It has: notification of unread email, “favorite search engine” (actually hotbot, as dogpile was not one of the choices), event reminders (e.g. upcoming holidays), today’s weather with a link to five-day forecast, earthlink’s choice links, my favorite links, links to headlines from my choice of news pages, etc.

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I’m one with chief and Opal Cat. I start with a blank page even though I almost always immediately click my homepage, which is Yahoo. I guess I’ve just been burned one too many times with the network being down or the DNS screwed up or whatever.

However, the embarassing thing is that now the cursor never changes from the hourglass back to the arrow so I frequently sit waiting for the “page” to finish loading. Duh!

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