What do you use as your browser default/home/start page?

I’m setting up a new pc and was setting up Chrome and remembered the days when I used MyYahoo and then IGoogle as a start page. I stopped using those pages when IGoogle went defunct. If I recall, Google said “the start page was dead.” Why is that? Also, any recommendations for a personalized start page (or do you think they slow down the home page loading too much)? Thanks.

I used to use MyYahoo with highly customized news feed as a start page. Then that turned to shit, and I couldn’t find anything decent to replace it with. Nowadays I just have Chrome open with the same tabs it had when I last shut it down. Usually about seven or eight of them. If I open a new tab, it starts on a Google search page.

Here at work, I use the company corporate main page because they won’t let me change it. I have no use for that page, so whatever.

At home, I have tabs for email, Facebook, Weather Underground, and a Google Map of my home location.

My default is my email page.

Google Advanced Search. And I have the browser set to open first window as a blank page, not the start page, so it only goes there if I do ⌘-N

Whatever travel alerts I’m watching.




Just the default page for Waterfox (a Firefox fork). It’s got a search bar and links to 9 frequently accessed sites.

SDMB is my home page

Here’s a screen shot of my current one. It extends down farther than I could fit in the screen shot. And yes, I do have to scroll down. I love having everything there and I make only minimal use of bookmarks. My current wallpaper is a slideshow of stars and galaxies, so this looks cool on top of that. When I switch wallpaper, I change the colors to match. Makes me happy.

In the quick links column, you can link to anything that has a link. There are ready-made widgets, but some of you clever types can prolly figure out how to create your own widgets.

And yes, I need an analog AND a digital clock. So sue me.

A blank page. Pages I visit frequently are on my bookmark bar or come up in my navigation bar when I type the first few letters, so there is no need to start on them. Plus, starting up on a blank page is almost instantaneous.

My Google Calendar so I see it every morning when I fire up my browser. And when I need to see my calendar I just click the “Home” button.

New tabs open up to whatever page Firefox has decided is there. I think it has frequently visited pages and then some news items.

Google News.


AOL ------ what can I say? I’m old fashioned.

I don’t have a start page as such. Chrome and Safari are set to go to whatever was up when it was closed.

My own domain. See if you can guess it.

Another “about:blank” person.

I don’t even want any of that idiotic “speed dial” crap. Just a blank tab or even better, a blank nothing. I.e., when I start the browser or close the last tab I want nothing in the window. Not even a new blank tab. (And I certainly do not want the browser to close when closing the last tab!)

Years of using classic Opera where tabs can be minimized makes blankness a must at times.