What do you use as a browser home page?

I’ve used a few different ones in my years on the net. iGoogle is my current one, and now they’ll be shutting down.

I like customizing my home page with weather, news feeds, etc… What have you used, both past and current? What would make a perfect home page for you?

At home I just use the standard Google home page. At work I use Yahoo since I get a little bit of random news each time I pull up my browser but after I glance at it I switch to Google if I’m searching for something.

I use Google Calendar. I don’t have any tabs auto-open when I open the browser, so I see the calendar once a day.

New tabs open to a blank page - well, now the page with the useless screen shots or whatever. Firefox’s answer to Chrome’s stupid screen shots. I gotta turn that off.


The reason is that it is incredibly simple to load(very few graphics) and the fact that I have used it as my homepage for, well, a really really long time.

Google, 'cause half the time I’m going there anyway.

What part of the options menu is it in?

I use excite.com. Like you and iGoogle, I have it customized just like I want it, so it’s very hard to think about changing. And somehow, Excite has managed to not go out of business yet.

I use about:blank.

When you go to a new tab, there’s a little grid icon in the top right of the window. Click it to turn off these thumbnails and it should persist.

I use a text file I wrote in hypertext markup language that has links to many of my favorite pages. Since it sits on my hard drive it is easy to load quickly.

Yahoo! Since 1995.


So do I. I’ve got Google set up as a shortcut so I rarely have reason to visit their homepage when I can just type “google [whatever]”.

Google News. I like getting the quick overviews of what’s happening around the world it provides, as well as the option to look more deeply at specific topics and stories.

I have iGoogle set as my home page, but I almost never actually go there. I have Chrome set to open whatever pages i was viewing when I closed it, so I only go to my ‘Home Page’ if I click on the toolbar button, which I rarely do.

Wikipedia. Nine times out of ten when I open a new browser window it’s to look something up there.


Ditto, except it’s on the webspace my ISP provides. But it’s MY home page, and I change it around as websites fall in and out of favour.

My home pages are Gmail, Google Calendar, a spreadsheet saved in Google Drive, and Google Play Music.

I built my own 15 years ago or so, using Netscape. Some of the links have changed over the years.