What's Your Homepage?

I got a iMac recently (which I love) but Yahoo Mail doesn’t work so well with Safari on it. No love lost, I use the computer’s mail app but I need a new homepage.

New York Times.

Google. If I want news, I know where to find it.

A second for google

Basic Google Search or iGoogle?


Google for me also.

iGoogle here, with mail, weather, and a to-do list gadget.

Basic Google. I want my home page as clean as possible (even the Google Doodles can be distracting, although I love them).

A firefox extension that mimics chrome’s default home tab thing. In the center it shows my 9 most viewed web pages, to the right are two boxes. One showing my recently closed pages, and another showing my recent bookmarks. Above those is a google search box.


My homepage setting automatically opens gmail, Google calendar, Facebook, the Straight Dope and Urban75.


It’s even cleaner-than-possible!

When I want to go to any actual web page, I will go there.

ETA: Tried to put that about:blank inside tags but it doesn’t work.

ETA some more: And f-ck Yahoo for throwing up that og-damn popup everytime I log out of mail asking if I want to make it my home page!

Google Calendar

I take one look at it every morning then close it and open 4 other tabs.

It was Google’s search engine for many years but I use the search bar thingy in Firefox now. No need to go to Google.com.



Started with it years before google was born. I’m just used to it as a portal and especially that I can add my own links to it. Straightdope, eBay, my banks, and groups for my hobbies.

Same here. I’ve never found much use for a home page or home page tabs of any kind. I think this may be more indicative of the way people use their browsers, though. For example, I don’t keep my browser open at all times; I may be doing things in other applications, and I actually do use separate programs for e-mail and news feeds, so I’m not using the browser directly for those things. I imagine a home page or home tabs would be more useful if my browser stayed open, but it doesn’t, and I don’t need or want any one specific page or set of pages to populate when I open it, which may be for any one of a dozen different reasons.


Anything else makes me stabby. Why would I want to wait for a web page–which is probably not the page I’m after–to load before I can put in the page I REALLY want??

MyYahoo, customized. Does that make me old?