Your Swiss Army Knife (a poll)

My everyday Swiss Army Knife is the Tinker. It used to be the Spartan, but I’ve had that one so long (about 15 years) I’d feel bad if I lost it or it broke somehow. It’s now retired and resting comfortably in my nightstand.

For camping I have the Adventurer, which is much like the Tinker, only it’s bigger, doesn’t have a little blade and the big blade locks.

There’s a Classic in the diaper bag, and the Little Woman has a Cavalier in her purse.

Of course they’re all Victorinox. We’re not heathens after all.

So, whatchoo got?

I’ve got a rather nice one that I’ve had for @ 25 years (Christmas present from my Aunt). Do you have some photos you can post or a website to direct us to, so we who aren’t up on the various editions can compare, contrast and give you a better answer?

I don’t got nothing. Confiscated getting on a plane in LaGuardia. Jeez Louise.

I own about a half dozen SAKs, but on my keychain I have a Minichamp, and I carry a Swisschamp and a Cybertool. I used to own an OLD Victorinox/Elinox Traveller model, with a picture of St. Christopher carrying the christ child across a stream, but I lost it.

2 Classics (both red)
2 Classic SDs (1 white, 1 black)
1 SwissLite (blue)


All a girl needs for a nice picknick on the train, and includes an manicure/tweezerset to appear groomed at her appointment.

I have nothing…

Wait! I think I have a Leatherman around here someplace… does that count?

I have:

one little black one on my key chain, with a knife, file, scissors, toothpick, and tweezers.

one black Swisscard in my wallet (gets through the airport customs every time!).

and one stainless steel SwissTool on my belt. I prefer the needle nose pliers of the Leatherman SuperTool, but the locking mechanism on the SwissTool is far superior, plus it has scissors and a special rescue blade.

One red classic almost 10 years old now and sharp as a razor.
I had a mini on my key chain but it was confiscated at Cincy Int’l Airport when I mistakenly left it my carry-on. It even had my name engraved on it.

My hands down favorite though is not a Swiss Army knife but A muti-tool I’ve used it to do everything from cut and strip military commo wire to open boxes. It was a gift from my wife when I was promoted to Section Chief in the Artillery.

That’s right ladies the way to a man’s heart is a good knife… Wait that doesn’t sound right.
Never mind… carry on!

I have a Classic SD. Carry it everywhere.

Ummm, I have a pair of nail clippers, but I don’t think it’s the style the Swiss Army uses. I don’t like using pocket knives - I have visions of blades slipping and puncturing my delicate epidermis. But my husband has a pocket knife, so if something needs cutting, I get him to do it. It reinforces his masculinism and I get out of the chore.

Mini black

My first was a Champion (not a SwissChamp), which I lost. So I got another one. Then I found the first one. So…

2 Champions (my first one is in the glovebox of my car)
1 SwissChamp
2 Spartans (one red, one black)
2 Classics (a black one, and a red one on my keychain)
1 Soldier

There might be one or two others, but I don’t remember right now.

I think my wonderfull friend my Swiss knife is “classic” - well it is a fairly basic model. It does not have attachments for getting Boy Scouts out of horses hooves etc.

Well - blades, bottle opener, corkscrew etc - screwdriver, nailfile (not that I have used it) - what more could I want?

Eek - I realise I have had it for over 20 years now!

I’ve got the Explorer. I’ve had it for over 25 years. I used to have the Spartan, but a “friend” stole it from me. Some friend.

I tried the Gerber, but the blades were way too weak and broke way too easily.

I used to love the SuperTool, but as previously stated the SwissTool has a much superior lockling mechanism, neither Leatherman nor Gerber can match it! Neither can SOG for that matter.

Wenger (“The Genuine Swiss Army Knife”) Swiss Pocket Grip for me. See for details.

I may be a heathen for not owning a Victorinox, but my can opener works better!

Huntsman model here. Carry it on my laughing donkey keychain.

I can’t tell you the number of ways I’ve used it. It’s the only one I carry and it’s never failed me.

Oh, and it’s red, by the way.

Tinker Deluxe. They don’t seem to make it any more, which is a shame. It’s like the Tinker, plus scissors, pliers, and that hook thing. There’s also a hole in the awl.

The pliers are damned useful. I don’t have a corkscrew, but I don’t find I have occassion to be screwing a lot of corks. As my Swiss friend says, in a pinch you can just break the neck off the wine bottle. :wink:

I’ve been carrying a Gerber multi-tool with me for years. I love it, and it’s bailed me out of more tight spots than I can recall, up to and including fixing a busted car at 11:30 PM in the middle of nowhere, South Dakota.