Your Theme this moment in time

Goodbye To Love

Little River Band

Walking on Broken Glass - Annie Lennox

Royal Blood - Figure it Out

For decades my theme song was Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades, but recently I completed a song that replaced it: Relapse Cult - Hand Of Glory. It’s also my all-time favorite song now. Yeah, I know it’s a biased opinion; sue me. :cool:

Steppenwolf “Monster” version 2

What can I say? It’s an election cycle.

The Church, “As You Will”

You can’t win, you can’t break even and you can’t get out of the game…

Single ladies. Beyonce

My divorce went through last week!

Bullet with Butterfly Wings

It speaks to my frustration with life generally over the last decade…or two.

Underdog. Right now I’m trying to execute my mother’s will and with the frustration of trying to figure everthing out, this is necessary to make me smile and forge on. The lawyer who had her original will wanted to charge me $3000 to probate it. NO! dum dum dum…dum dum dum…dum dum dum…dum dum dum…whoo-a-whoo-a-whoo-a…
=:)= (I’m flying)

Either “Paranoia” by Black Sabbath, or “The Wall” album by Pink Floyd

Didn’t mean to be a downer. Feel free to post happy songs.:slight_smile:

In the meantime,…

Danzig “Killer Wolf”, of course.

Tom Waits. (Pretty much always TW.)


“How’s It Going To End?”

So Far Away

Learn to Fly

Working to sort some things out in my life.

Rockin’1000 version linked, which is wahsome, instantly became one of my all-time favorite music videos.

Don’t Ask Me Why I Drink by the incomparable Mojo Nixon. :smiley: