Your thoughts on the next X-Men movie?

All these threads about superheroes (the Batman vs. Superman one and the ‘what superhero would you be’ one) have started me thinking about my favorite superhero franchise - the X-Men. Been reading the books since I was a wee Krunk and am still a fan. I was mildly disappointed in the movie, though. The casting was decent and the plot was about what you’d expect, but the movie had a feel like it was scripted more with a ‘what kind of cool special effects can we put into this sucker?’ rather than actually trying to make an interesting, gripping plot.

My questions for all the Dopers – what would you like to see in the next X-Men movie? What characters would you like to see (both heroes and villains)? For those characters, who would you cast? What plotlines would interest you?

I think the whole ‘Days of Future Past’ storyline could make a kickass movie ( I think I got the name right. The one where all the mutants are in concentration camps and most of the present day x-men are dead ). It’s a good story, potential for lots of action AND character development, and it would play off well from the first X-Men movie, with the ramifications of the Mutant Registration Act and all…

Wolverine naked with Cable as his bitch.
But seriously folks…

I liked the first X-men movie just because I knew that there were two more to come with the same people. It was good to set up the history of the characters, and although Storm sucked ass, everyone else was well cast.

I’m glad Gambit wasn’t there…but I really really was sad that there was no Beast or Nightcrawler. And since they are obviously not following the actual history, there was no reason for the great and wonderous Hank McCoy not to make an appearance.

I suspect we’ll learn more about Wolverine’s past since they gave us flashes of the adamantium implantation process…and we’ll probably be privy to more of the Wolvie/Jeanie/Scott triangle.

As for specific stories, I think Inferno would be a good one for action and intrigue.


I would like to see Lucy Liu replace Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine.

No go back and read jarbabyj’s first line and see if that doesn’t sound much better.

I actually thought about writing a screenplay focusing on the younger students: Rogue, Bobby, and the pyrotic boy (a younger version of Pyro?).

The male characters were quite well done in the movie, especially Dr. X and Wolverine. The female characters left something to be desired. I’d like to see the X-women get better treatment.

First of all, Rogue has to get a LOT more sassy. I like Anna Paquin and the vulnerable sweet little thang take on Rogue worked for the first movie, but in the actual comic she was much, much more fun. And also – in the comic she could fly. As I recall (and I don’t recall well), Rogue could fly because she was a bad guy once and did battle with Jean Gray (either in or out of Phoenix mode, I don’t remember which) and permanently absorbed some of her telekinetic powers. They seem to have ruled that out in the movie franchise by having her an X-man from the beginning. So I’m wondering how they’re going to give her the power of flight, if they do.

And jarbabyj is right – Storm was just pathetic. This woman was WORSHIPPED AS A GOD in the comic – in the movie just she ran around daintily. Held Senator Kelly’s hand as he died. How feminine and maternal! How completely WRONG! Let’s see Storm kick some ass.

And I’m miffed that they left out my favorites, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat. We could lose Jean and Cyclops entirely and replace them with Kurt and Kitty. I’d be fine with that.

I’d like to see Nightcrawler in the movie. The REAL Nightcrawler - not that nerdy looking teleporter who was playing basketball in the first one and is rumoured to have been intended as Kurt.

I’d also hope they keep him looking like he should. I was REALLY disappointed by Mystique and her … scales? mini-tenticles? Warts? Whatever it was supposed to be, it was uuuuugly.

Kurt should be blue, with soft, smooth fur, pointy ears, and fangs. The pupil-less eyes are optional. The hands and feet might be a little iffy, but I’d be willing to let human-looking ones slide if they’d be a sticking point.


Re: Rogue:

Ms Marvel (As opposed to Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)), actually. Ms Marvel was, last time I read X-men, still in a coma because of it.

Re: Storm:


Ororo hasn’t been, at least in the period I’m familiar with, anything but a quiet, reserved noblewoman. Hell, the movie made her more of an ‘ass-kicker’ than she ever was in the comics, where she was pretty much a non-entity, except when her crippling claustrophobia made her a liability.

She kicked the crap out of whomever it was to become the leader/queen of the morlocks. Good ol’ hand to hand, knife to knife, combat. Pretty badass (if a rare occurrence). She also does a good job tossing the other X-Men around in the danger room.

And, yeah, Nightcrawler should definitely be in there. I’ll even let them keep the holographic projector from X-Men: Evolution. It’d also be cool if he had swords (a la the Nightcrawler from Age of Apocalypse).

I’ve heard rumors that a pro-wrestler has started a campaign to be cast as Gambit in the next movie (I’ll have to check the cite for that when I have more time). Whether that means that Gambit is definitely in the next one, I don’t know. And from what I read on IMDb, Beast originally was supposed to be in the first movie, but because of budget limitations his character had to be cut from the script. Hence the reason for Jean becoming “Dr. Jean Grey.”

For the next movie, I was thinking they need to get Mr. Sinister in there for the villian, and maybe have a plotline with Gambit and the Marauders.

And I’m miffed that they left out my favorites, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat. We could lose Jean and Cyclops entirely and replace them with Kurt and Kitty. I’d be fine with that.

Have you ever seen X-Men: Evolution? It’s actually pretty good, and Kitty and Kurt are two of the main characters.

Ah, yes, I’d forgotten about Calisto. That’s not really what Jekeira seems to have been talking about, and what I’m arguing against, though.

I stand by my point that movie-Storm wasn’t that out of character for Ororo. She’s not really a Wolverine type which Jekeira seems to be suggesting - she was worshipped as a goddess - and learned to carry herself as one. She’s got a noble bearing - which DID get kind of lost in the movie’s Quest for Cool - not a violent one.

Re: Nightcrawler:

Ah, yes…that would kick bum. Rock on, my Fuzzy Blue Brother!


I loved the first movie. It wasn’t the greatest thing ever done, or anything, but when compared to, say, the Street Fighter “thing” (I refuse to call that a “movie”…that was the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever seen…they butchered everything), it was really well done, heh…Loved all the characters (though I expected Rogue to be older and more energetic).

Gambit! I want to see Gambit in the next movie, damnit. Replace Cyclops the weiner with Gambit, heh…Gambit and Wolverine could go off on some stealthy “we’re both loners and don’t want to play by the cheesy rules like Cyclops” plot.

I really hate Cyclops, heh.

  • Tsugumo (who had to give up following the X-Men after they decided to split them up into 200 different series to suck all the money out of his pockets. Gambit’s got his own now, but I don’t like the art, heh…)

Why trade one weenie for another?

Gads I hate Gambit. Neat power, workable backstory…crappy frigging character.


I haven’t been able to keep up with the comics in awhile but I was wondering if Wolvie ever go his adamantium back. If so in what comic?


I would like to see juggernaut and possibly Cyber. I didn’t think sabertooth looked all that good either. I would also like to see Cable.
'bout the movie: The hostage part was great. I thought that was one of the best use of powers. It wasn’t just Mags going out a ripping metal to shreds. Pretty cool.

From industry whispers (I have a buncha friends in the biz)

Rumors so far have been circling that the next one will deal with the Sentinals storyline and that Beast and Gambit will probably be in the next. As far as villians besides the big robots, no word yet though Blob and Pyro were going to be in the first. Word of some Morlocks making appearances as being targets of the Sentinals is possible
Myself, I would prefer Colossus and Nightcrawler over those two.

They really should do the Sentinel storylines, or if not that, the M’Kraan Crystal/Pheonix saga. That was damn cool, and it would allow the introduction of all the funky-monkey Shi’ar technology the X-Men had.

Also, I’ve heard that they were planning 6 more X-men movies, after the first. This true?

In Avengers Annual #10, Rogue permanently stole Ms. Marvel’s powers. In that same issue, she was alive and well, but with no memories. She just knew who she was because of Professor Xavier’s work to restore her.

She later went with the X-Men to fight a battle with aliens and became Binary, an interstellar heroine who tapped her powers from a binary star.

More recently, she’s readopted wearing her old Ms. Marvel costume, has been powered down to her old power levels(circa 1978), and calls herself Warbird. She currently serves with the Avengers.

Seems I misremember somewhat. Dang. Eh, never much cared for Rogue anyway. The movie and X-Men: Evolution versions are better, IMO. And, DAMMIT, I’m familiar with Binary, too!

(Why was I under the impression she was in a coma? Have I conflated the TV series, or a different storyline, perhaps?)

I’m not going to go crazy with the quoting feature…I’ll just respond to what I’ve read here.
Yes. Wolverine got his adamantium back…and further…Rogue now has claws! For exact issue numbers…you’ll have to consult an expert.
Storm sucked ass in the movie because there’s a big difference between being a stately goddess and looking like you’re half asleep for the whole thing. AND…FOR GOD’S HEAVENLY SAKE…what the hell was that “oneliner” to Toad? “You know what happens to a Toad that’s struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else.” WHAT…THE…FUCK? I know five year olds who come up with better zingers.

Gambit is indeed a weenie.

Cyclops is a bigger one.

My theory about women (and I am one) is that you either love Cyclops or you love Wolvie…that determines your whole personality type.

And of course…Nightcrawler should no longer be ignored…he’s a nimble sexy German man…what the hell else can you ask for?

Have any of you been to the Definitive X-Men Erotica Archive? i can’t remember the exact url…but lord, lord, lord…there’s some quality writing there…


cykrider Wolverine has gotten his adamantium back, thanks to Apocalypse. Logan was brainwashed into being Apocalypse’s horsman Death (who else?) for a bit, but now he’s back with the X-Men, and has his shiny metal bones.

I’m really in favor of The Sentinels, but only in the present. No future robot assasins coming to the present to kill Sarah Conner–that is, mutants, please.

Apocalypse would also make a cool villian for one of the X Men movies.

Oh, no. Please say it isn’t so. I had thought that kid was supposed to be some sort of speedster, like Quicksilver.

X Men I’d like to see appear: Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Colossus, Beast, Banshee and Gambit, if they change his character a little (The same way Wolverine was altered to be a little more of a wiseass, and a little less of an asshole who’s only complete sentence seems to be “I’m the best there is at what I do.”). Also, the female doctor that can project forcefields is an intriguing character. Anyone know what her name is? didn’t list it in their bio section.

I was a little surprised that he did not refer to ONE WOMAN as Darlin’ in the movie. Good lord. That’s his claim to fame!

If they’re going to keep Wolvie around, they’re going to have to bring in Kitty or Jubes. A relationship like they had is box office gold…GOLD I TELL YOU!