Must share...X-Men kicked ass. (SPOILERS!!).

My stepsons have a friend who runs a movie theater, so last night I got to go with them to see X-Men so their projectionist could make sure he had his marks right.

I just wanna say…I loved it. My stepsons (who are die-hard X-Men fans) loved it. The effects were great and there was enough plot to matter (which is rather unusual in comic book adaptations).

My friend Chris bitched, saying “It was just a two-hour trailer for the sequel, man!” Chris, however, thinks “In the Mouth of Madness” is the best movie ever in history, and has a strange soul-sucking ability to leech the joy out of ANYTHING.

Plus, I have to brag because I saw it before most of the coutry and I have a friend in San Jose who wants my heart on a platter for it…heh heh heh.


I’m seeing it at 7 EST…reserved seats in a kickass theater. Only 8 more hours…<s>.


7 pm CST tonight. Thanks for no spoilers. Been waiting for this one since…forever.

Heheheh, my friend invited me to go see this with him tonight, but I can’t go torture myself for 2 hours because I have to work late. Oh well. Maybe if he wants to, I’ll go see it with him later on.


Seriously, I’m glad you liked it Hamadryad, because it ups the chances that I’ll like it too.

How violent is it?

My boys, 5 & 9 really want to go…but I siad I wouldhave to see how bad it was first ?



You should bookmark

Great reference site for parents. Covers everything, no matter whether you’re a Victorian Reactionary trying to protect your kids from seeing cleavage or naked ankles, or a hardcore left-wing Vegan who doesn’t want your kids to see meat-eating and cigarette-smoking. Or you just want to avoid looking at rotting zombies.

Ex-Men? A movie with Jan Morris, Dana International and Wendy Carlos as Super-Heros?

I am so there!

Hang on there Ike, I’d like to know how violent it is too. But from the other standpoint - is Wolverine actually allowed to “cut loose” or not?

Or is it toned down like that {i]execrable* cartoon series.

Eg one episode - Picture a Transylvanian village that looks as if it hasn’t heard of the 20th C, picture a monster-hunting mob with torches and pitchforks (just like in a painting by Brueghel) chasing down Nightcrawler and several other X-Men… now have that picture completely arsed up by having villagers with 19th C hunting rifles that shoot stun lasers!?!

Good grief!!!

Eve -

  1. Glad to have you back. Yay!! :slight_smile:

  2. Huh?

Trion: I can’t speak for the first two, but Wendy Carlos used to be Walter Carlos, best-known as the synthesizer musician who produced the hugely successful classical album SWITCHED-ON BACH back around 1970. He did the Big Chop and became Wendy sometime in the 1970s.

Now I get it. Thanks Ike.

I’m gonna go sit in the Recently Whooshed section.

Hi, Trion!

Joke explanation (and cultural pop quiz) for others confused: Jan Morris (world’s leading travel writer), Dana International (Israeli pop singer) and Wendy Carlos (musician/inventor) are all male-to-female transsexuals, or “Ex-Men.”

Joke kinda loses something when you have to explain it, but now at least y’all know more about these three great ladies.

I’d planned to go see that tonight…


X-Men is the LAST movie I thought I’d have to drive into Toronto to see… It’s not like it’s some arty foreign film…it’s a massivly hyped Hollywood action flick!

::Sigh:: Just hope it starts in the next few days.

Don’t bother to go. Ever since Marvel went mega-corporate, all of it’s comics and other foul works have SUCKED !!! :mad:

They almost destroyed the comics industry with that dammed exclusive marketing crap of theirs, and as for scripts, well they ain’t got any.

I hope they lose their asses on this film.

Go broke, Marvel!!! Then, maybe some independent coimics can fill your former shelfspace. You know, comics with good art and actual plots. Things Marvel no longer has.

Remember, even Stan Lee has severed all bonds with Marvel.

He made Marvel. Ya gotta figure something’s wrong.

I concur with the OP; it was a great movie. Wolverine kicked! And, ladies, he was pretty damn cute to boot! <Peta looks around to see if hubby caught that one>.

I actually think Ray Parks had fewer lines than he did in SW: EP I. :smiley:

I’d love to add an exchange b/w Cyclops and Wolverine to my sig but wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone; Phil and I agree the exchange must have been a Joss Wheldon touch…

Pete: I know EXACTLY which exchange you’re talking about, too. I laughed my ass off.

Regarding Stan Lee: He has a cameo in this movie as a hot-dog vendor, so I wouldn’t bet any money on his having severed ALL ties with Marvel or The X-Men.

The guy who plays Wolverine will be the new heartthrob. See if I’m right.

Got back from my showing a little bit ago. It was a great action movie, one I’m really looking forward to owning on DVD. Every mutant was done full justice, although there were some I really wanted to see more. Kitty Pryde, for example. And I really missed Colossus and Nightcrawler. But, hey, that’s what sequels are for.

Wolverine in particular was very good. I was mighty concerned about him, because he’s smaller-framed than Wolverine in the comics (and here I’m being generous). But he was great, both in his drama and his action moments. And those little snips of humor were very well written and placed.

Not gonna post any spoilers. Y’all just go see it.

I was actually glad that they limited the number of mutants they concentrated on. If they had tried to round out EVERYONE’S favorites, they would have spent entirely too much time on exposition and not enough on plot. It would have been a two-hour long mess.

I’m hoping for sequels, definitely.