Must share...X-Men kicked ass. (SPOILERS!!).

Whoa, for a minute there I thought you were talking about star wars ep. 1. heh. sorry. carry on. :slight_smile:

But hey, it works here too. WARNING: SEMI-SPOILER

X-Men was OK, but it took some pretty annoying liberties. I mean, shit. Wolverine not knowing Sabertooth? What the fuck?!? And what’s up with Mystique kicking so much ass? Her only power in the comics is the morphing thing (granted, I stopped following comics 10 years ago, but still). She’s not some ass-kicking Samurai of Death type, she’s just a weak-ass chick who can look like the mailman. Wolverine should basically have bitchslapped her in two seconds. And Toad? OK, it was cool and all, but he’s supposed to be a fucking jobber (note: a pro-wrestling term denoting one who loses all his matches all the time)! What the fuck was up with that?

They fucked up the Magneto story BIG time. Some kid starts bending metal gates with his mind, but for some reason, the Nazis don’t put a bullet in the back of his head 3 seconds later? Yeah, ummmm… OK. And later, after Rogue “sucked” all the power out of Magneto, he’s still able to hold back Wolverine although he should be lying on the ground almost dead. Again, yeah, ummmmm… OK.

I’m not sure I can deal with Wolverine as a funny-catchphrase-spewing-jobber (again, more pro-wrestling terminology, but as there are many similarities between comic books and pro-wretling, it fits). Sabertooth being Magneto’s lackey kinda sucked too.

Aside from that, the movie was cool. It had some funny bits (“prove you’re the real one” - “you’re a dick”), and some SERIOUS babes. Good action, cool effects. It’s a good little entertaining movie as long as you forget EVERYTHING you’ve ever read in an X-Men comic book.

Not too subtle in announcing a sequel either. I guess having a very quick moment with Kitty Pride being one of the students leaving Xavier’s office is supposed to foreshadow a larger team in that obviously forthcoming sequel. Same goes for Bobby (Iceman) being one of the students.

Oh waitaminnit… have I just used too much “Pit” language? I’m not sure what the rules are in MPSIMS.

I took the 2 boys, their friend and my 2 nephews to see X-MEN this afternoon. It got twelve thumbs up. The other people at the movies also seemed to really enjoy themselves, especially some of the dads like me who grew up reading the comics.

Even though they had little idea what the X-MEN were all about they loved it. It blew the thought of Pokemon right out of their heads and there was a fight afterwards to see who got to play as being Wolverine. I think he was well played.

I really enjoyed it and it did seem like a warm-up to an X-MEN II… the characters were true to their comicbook counterparts, Wolverine being what I thought to be the key character in the whole movie.

I would have liked to see some original X-MEN but as it was said, the whole movie would have sucked if they had to expose that many characters. These guys have been humming around for 37 years so a two hour movie isn’t going to be able to cover that much.

I suspect that they may have already considered a live action series… something like that would really let people get to know the characters and realize why the X-MEN is one of the most popular comic series of all time.

Well, I’d assume one of the rules includes general literacy and respect. The thread clearly marks NO SPOILERS! Yet you feel the need to give what you term a semi-spoiler (admittedly with a warning) but too little …

What you wrote could seriously be taken as too much. If I hadn’t seen the movie and read what you had written - then I would consider that way too much information.

Just a rant. No offence :slight_smile:

None taken, but I would tend to think that big bold capitalized letters are a fairly adequate warning. I took the “no spoilers” in the title as a reference to the OP rather than as a general command to all other posters.

I saw the movie yesterday and I thought it was great. Sure, it took a few liberties, but that’s to be expected. Some of those liberties actually worked for the better. For example, the dark leather and vinyl costumes look better on the giant screen than “yellow spandex.” (About the only superhero costumes that look good in real life and/or on screen are Superman’s, Batman’s, Spider-Man’s and Wonder Woman’s [but only if worn by Lynda Carter].) I know that some people complained about Wolverine not wearing a mask, but why does he need one? He looks more fierce without it!

Anyway, I liked the film immensely. They may not have dressed like the X-Men, but they sure acted like them, which is what we all hoped for, right?

Question: Who was the un-named kid who literally played with fire? I thought I knew all the X-Men and New Mutants, but this one did not ring any bells.

Favorite moments:

  1. Wolverine’s surprise as Kitty Pryde walked through the door.

  2. Cyclops accidentally blowing the roof off the train station.

  3. Stan Lee’s cameo. (It’s too bad Jack Kirby didn’t live to see this. I think he’d have loved it and taken great pride at seeing his babies all grown up.)*

Trivia: The truck driver that took Rogue to that little Canadian town was played by George Buza, who was the voice of Wolverine in the Saturday-morning animated series.

*Two things about Jack Kirby: His birth name was Jakob Kurtzman. He served in World War II as an Army private and was at Normandy the day after D-Day. After crossing most of Europe as part of Patton’s army (and nearly dying from pneumonia), he saw with his own eyes one of the Nazi death camps. Being Jewish, he realized that had his grandparents not emigrated to America, his whole family could have died in that very same camp.

The second thing is that there is some controversy over who really created the X-Men (along with the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man). The common assumption is that Stan Lee created all the characters, plots and dialogue and Kirby “merely” illustrated them. But the other school of thought is that Kirby did a great deal of the plotting and created several characters, but Lee was better at dialogue and captions and so he got the writing credit. Reading some of Kirby’s post-Marvel work at DC (The New Gods, Kamandi, Jimmy Olsen, Mister Miracle, The Demon) and elsewhere makes this plausible. Each comic featured great story-lines and compelling characters, but clumsy dialogue.

Whatever really happened some 37 (!) years ago, I say again it’s a shame Kirby isn’t here to reap the benefits. I’m glad I once met the man at a comic-book convention. Did you know that his first professional work was animating Popeye at the Fleischer Brothers’ studio in New York?

(Sorry to have rambled on for so long, but I’ve been gone for a while. But I’m baaaaa-aaaaack!)

That’s sooo cool.

I only recently got into comics at the behest of my housemate. Since then I have discovered Young Justice, Green Lantern, and a couple of others I find I really like. I am glad to add X-Men to the list.

I just saw X-men today, and I thought it rocked. I was kinda dissappointed with a few things, which any X-men fan would notice. I was also quite upset that they didn’t use the cartoon series theme music or a playoff of it (That music kicks ass!).

Who else thought it was stupid to have so many kids at the school? They never had that many in the comics.

just got home from seeing the movie That was sooo cool! I wanna go see it again (too bad Mom probably won’t let me go again… and I don’t have the money to pay for myself) I can’t wait for the sequel either is still drooling over Wolverine

I ended up bringing my two younger brothers to go see Xmen last night, and now they’re arguing which power they would want to have (I worry about the one who wants to be Toad. WTF??). Even tho I don’t buy Xmen comic books(I do buy others), I still thought the movie was surprisingly good. Nice fight scenes and such.
And yeah, who was that mutant with the ball of fire in the classroom? I did recognize some of the other background stuff, but not that. (I do have some other questions, but its mostly spoilers).

The kid with the fire was Pyro who in the comics was a bad guy :slight_smile:

I thought it was great. I have a very sketchy knowledge of the series, though, so any differences between the comic and the movie wholly swooshed me. Great action, fun characters, awesome special effects. I admit I’m hooked; I bought about a dozen X-men collections tonight from Amazon. X-men is a genuine classic, though, I’ve been sorely neglecting my comics knowledge by ignoring them.

I concur with the comments about Wolverine in the movie. Rrroaw… What a cutie. :slight_smile:

Did anyone else see this, or was it just me (no one I saw the movie with noticed it):

In one of the (outdoor) school scenes, in the lower left corner of the screen, for just a moment before the camera moved, there was a dark-haired guy with a sketch pad. Colossus, perhaps?

Also, did anyone see the girl who is supposed to be Jubilee? (There is a “Jubilee” in the credits, and she actually has lines in the novelization, but I didn’t notice her anywhere in the movie.)

X-Men #232 was the first superhero comic I ever bought. I’ve been reading the series ever since. I just saw the movie tonight, and oh damn, does it make up for everything Joel Schumacher ever perpetrated on the genre of comic book movies. It was really well done. It is not an easy thing to translate “yellow spandex”-wearing superheroes to a live-action movie. I was very impressed with this one. Singer really treated it with respect, I thought.

I also wondered. I hope so.

She was the Chinese girl with the yellow jacket and big hoop earrings to Kitty’s left in the classroom scene. She was in the scene in the Professor’s study, too.
As a fanboy of the first order, I must say this movie rocked my world.

Settle something for me …

Was Stane Lee a cameo appearance in the film and where?

Yes, he had a cameo; he played a hot-dog vendor in one of the scenes. Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking about it when I saw hot-dog vendors, because I was too into the movie, but I’m gonna pay more attention next time. :slight_smile:

X-Men did a lot better than I expected. However, I get the feeling that the sequels will get worse and worse, similar to what happened to the Batman films. By the forth or so sequel of X-Men, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wolverine had neon claws.

Or, worse, BONE claws, and no nose!


I enjoyed it thoroughly. As an X-Fan from way back I was a bit apprehensive about a movie I’d been waiting for since December. Ambivalent emotions galore.

But I was pleasantly surprised: it’s quite a good movie. Certainly it’s a lot of fun. They handled the obvious problems (such as which x-men to include bearing in mind they could only introduce a few really) quite well. Hopefully a sequel will come out in the not too distant future.

And on that tangent: the sequel could become slightly different and a bit more action-packed. Having established the characters, school and general ambience it should be possible to go straight into a storyline in the next one even introducing new characters (Nightcrawler, Piotr etc) and developing others such as Kitty and Bobby et al.

Can you imagine for example a Bond-like introduction to X-Men II? How cooooooll…

I really enjoyed the movie, although I knew very little about the X-Men going in, so none of the it didn’t match the series stuff bothered me. There was something odd about the fight scenes, we couldn’t really figure out what though. Too much special effects flipping? Not very much actual contact? I don’t know. And the ending did scream “insert sequel here”. But I’d defintely go see a sequel, so maybe it wasn’t a bad idea on their part.